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Easier to keep teeth shining and healthier


Often you must have noticed that whenever we talk to someone, our first attention goes to the front teeth. Teeth work to add beauty to our beauty. Best Teeth whitening service in Plano make our smile even more attractive, but the problem arises when your teeth are yellow and because of this you cannot even laugh openly in front of anyone. Many times we have to face embarrassment due to having yellow teeth. Today we will know what the reason behind the yellowing of teeth is and how with the help of home remedies you can make your teeth shine like white pearls.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

Let us first try to know what causes yellowing in the teeth. There are many reasons for the yellowing of teeth such as smoking, poor oral hygiene, genetics, or your diet.

Laser Teeth Whitening Process Much Helpful

Under power or light bleaching, which is called laser bleaching, the teeth are whitened with the help of LED or halogen light. Dentists first remove the plaque and then do polishing and shedding. After that, they apply the gel to the soft tissues of the teeth and gums. Afterward, bleaching agents are applied to the teeth. More intense light is thrown on the stained teeth so that the process of whitening is faster. The whole process takes about an hour and usually gets done with just one sitting. Generally, the effect of this treatment lasts for twelve months. After getting it done, special toothpaste and dental products have to be used.

How Much Time It Takes

A Best Teeth whitening service in Plano will usually require about 30 minutes. You can easily set aside an hour of your day for the procedure. If you are going for general teeth bleaching, the dentist will put a gel on the teeth for 30-40 minutes and then scrub it off before leaving. This process will take three to five sessions and the results will start appearing after two to three sessions.

If you opt for the laser whitening pro

Best Teeth whitening service in Plano it will take fewer sessions to get the desired results. Depending on whether you are opting for the power whitening method or any other quick method, it can take anything as little as just one session to get the desired results. Laser whitening will usually ensure that the doctor puts a dam on your gums to protect them from the laser. Then, a gel is applied to your teeth, which is activated as the laser is applied to them. The details of the procedure, as well as the time it takes, will depend on your specific needs as well as many other factors including your dental health, the amount of staining, and the kind of whitening method you choose.

Is it completely safe?

The teeth whitening in Plano provides a completely safe process for you. There is no harm to your teeth in this laser treatment. You can get it done as per your wish and according to your convenience.

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