How To Access Gmail Full PC Version On Mobile Browsers?

Gmail is the best email service that is available right now for use; there are many other email services also that are available for the purpose of the email exchange.  But none is as trustworthy as Gmail service is. It is due to the features and all the advancements that are there in the Gmail service setup that people give more preference to it over any other service.

Gmail is Easy to use-

Well, though Gmail has so many latest updates and features added with it, still the service is really easy to use and all the activities through Gmail are smoothly conducted. All other email services may appear complicated to people but that will not be the case with the Gmail email service.

What makes Gmail popular?

There are so many reasons that contribute to the popularity of the Gmail email service, but one that contributes the most is the compatibility of Gmail service and Gmail account with all types of operating systems and devices.

But still, we cannot forget the fact that there are technologies and there are also so many features associated with the workings of Gmail account because sometimes while using the Gmail full PC version on mobile browsers the user may get stuck.  So, here further in the guide will see how one can deal with it.

Login Gmail full PC version on iPad and iPhone-

For this, please follow the steps given below-

  • Open the official Google website in the mobile device browser
  • Then in the interface click on the Gmail hamburger icon
  • Next, under the view Gmail in please choose “desktop”
  • After this, depending on the different browsers in use there are different steps that you will need to follow.

On Chrome –

For Chrome, please follow the given steps –

  • Click on the three-dotted menu icon
  • After this, choose the desktop site

On Edge-

For Edge, please follow the steps given below-

  • Click on the three dots menu icon
  • Next, from the menu choose “view desktop site”

For Firefox-

If you wish to use it on Firefox, then please follow the steps given below

  • Please click on the three dots menu button
  • After this select “request desktop site” from the menu

For Safari- 

If you wish to use it on the Safari browser, then please follow the steps given below

  • In the address bar click on the view menu
  • Next, choose the option “Request Desktop Website”
  • Once all of this is done you should then choose standard from under the Gmail view section

Now let us further see how we can open Gmail full PC version on our android device, there is a whole different stepwise procedure that one will need to follow.

For opening Gmail full PC version on android please follow the given steps-

  • Open the official Google website on the browser
  • Next, from the hamburger menu open your Gmail
  • After this tap desktop under view Gmail in
  • Next, open the android chrome click on the three-dot menu
  • After this, from the menu choose the option desktop site


So, this is how you can access Gmail full PC version on the mobile browser if you still need to know more, and then in that case you should get in touch with the team of trained and certified experts. You can ask them for any sort of needed help just whenever you feel like it. The helpline is open for the users all the time you can be sure for an instant as well as the most accurate solution. There can be nothing better than Gmail if it is regarding the easy process of communication.

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