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Pisces Compatibility With Cancer in Love, Communication, Trust, and Friendship

When Pisces meets Cancer, the stage will be set for a fairy tale romance.  


These two signs are situated 120 degrees apart in the zodiac wheel. In astrological parlance, they trine each other. Trines are harmonious aspects, and they occur between signs ruled by the same element. Such signs get along almost effortlessly. But sometimes it can lead to complacency, 



Both being Water signs, they are emotional and intuitive. They will understand each other’s moods and act accordingly. Even the sexual connection between them has a strong emotional component. They cherish each other and are sensitive to each other’s feelings. They are very nurturing and affectionate, and their sex life will be healthy. Pisces being the sign that is exalted in Venus, they will bring creativity and sensuality to sex. 


Sex between them is not likely to become boring as they like to experiment. Cancer will be more traditional, though. But with Pisces, they will find it easier to shed their inhibitions. They won’t be able to keep secrets from each other. They will find it easy to open up about their needs with each other. Pisces, being the more creative partner, will suggest new ideas and techniques. Even after many years of marriage, their sex life will not become stale.



Cancer will not fall in love quickly. But once they do, they trust their partner blindly. Though Pisces likes to be pampered, they may feel pressured by Cancer’s attempts to create intimacy. Cancer can be quite clingy at times, and it can make Pisces feel scared. On such occasions, Pisces may tell lies to get out of sticky situations to avoid hurting Cancer. As the chemistry between them is usually good, Cancer may understand and tolerate them. Their trust in one another will be strong enough to weather most storms.



The communication between these two signs is loving and emotional. Both tend to speak from the heart. They are also good listeners and support each other emotionally. As they are both prone to mood swings, there may be some misunderstandings occasionally. Generally, these two signs don’t need words to communicate as they are sensitive and intuitive. But sometimes, they may need to use words, too, when they sense mixed signals. 



Pisces is very susceptible to fantasies. Their sensitive and empathetic nature is easily understood by Cancer. Relationships are important to both Cancer and Pisces. While Pisces is a die-hard romantic, Cancer is a nurturer. 


But Cancer will not reveal their feelings unless they are convinced about Pisces’ level of commitment. Pisces, however, is easily smitten. Cancer will have to cede control at some point and express their feelings openly if they want the relationship to take off.


Cancer and Pisces are very giving in love, and they will support each other emotionally. They will understand each other in a way nobody else does. 



Cancer seeks emotional stability. Home is where their heart is. Most of their energies are spent on building a cozy nest where they can nurture their loved ones. Pisces looks for magic and beauty in their surroundings. A boring routine will make them unhappy and restless, and they will seek ways to escape it. 


Inconsistency is a problem with Pisces, and it may make Cancer insecure. On such occasions, they become moody and passive-aggressive. Pisces can be forgetful and act flaky at times. 

Such things need not queer the pitch for these two. If Cancer needs reassurance, Pisces can give it. Pisces knows how to deal with Cancer’s moods. On the other hand, Cancer can make Pisces more grounded. 



These two signs will never be bored of each other’s company. They can talk about anything. They never hold anything back. They are honest about their feelings as they will not judge each other. They will put a lot of effort into the friendship. They know they can rely on each other. 



Both Pisces and Cancer are romantic, intuitive, and sentimental. They bring sensitivity, compassion, and tenderness to the relationship. 


Cancer is emotional and moody, They need a person who understands them. Pisces is very empathetic. They make an ideal partner for the Crab.


Cancer plans for the future and focuses on security. Pisces is not very good at such things, and they will be content to let Cancer take the lead.


The downside to this pairing is that their deep and emotional connection can shut out the world. But it may not always be a bad thing. Also, as both signs tend to be pessimistic, things can get pretty dark at times. 


Loyalty and commitment matter to both. They would rather cuddle at home than party the night away. Home is their fortress and refuge. 


Pisces and Cancer complement each other. They seek the same things in their relationship, which ensures that their bond will be strong and enduring. The romantic idealism of Pisces is well balanced by Cancer’s pragmatism.


Both Pisces and Cancer believe in keeping their promises. These two will always have plenty of things to talk about. Their relationship goes beyond the physical. It will also be a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual one. 


Pisces and Cancer compatibility can be rated 9/10.

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