Kickstarter, Discord and others are raving about ‘Web3.’ Their users give them a reality check

[ad_1] Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg | Getty Images When Kickstarter unveiled its ambition to develop a blockchain-based crowdfunding system, the company characterized the move as a way to push creators

How I Quit Prime and Survived

[ad_1] This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. Here is a collection of past columns.I quit Prime. And it’s fine.As I noted in Wednesday’s newsletter, this makes me

Oklahoma Supreme Court Throws Out $465 Million Opioid Ruling Against J.&J.

[ad_1] Oklahoma’s highest court on Tuesday threw out a 2019 ruling that required Johnson & Johnson to pay the state $465 million for its role in the opioid epidemic. It

Elizabeth Holmes Rests Her Case in Fraud Trial

[ad_1] When asked how that had affected her work at Theranos, Ms. Holmes said it was difficult to separate where his influence began and ended. In legal filings before the

An 8-Year-Old Explains the Metaverse

[ad_1] But I can do awkward parties in real life. I wanted a headier glimpse of our supposedly fantastical future in the metaverse, so we logged onto Adopt Me!, a