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6 Benefits of Kokum Juice You Simply Can’t Miss!

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The Garcinia Indica plant, better known as Kokum, is a storehouse of nutrients and medicinal properties. Referred to as Vriskshamla in Sanskrit, its benefits have been extolled by Ayurveda. In India, Kokam is indigenous to the north-eastern states, Andaman and Nicobar, and the Western Ghats. The fruit can be consumed directly, but the Kokum juice is an excellent alternative for those who find it difficult to get the fruit. It retains almost all the nutritional and medicinal benefits of the fruit and is excellent to taste. Fortunately for us, pure unsweetened extract of the Kokum fruit is available in several authentic Maharashtrian food sites like Aazol Foods. Let’s look at some of the most wonderful benefits of Kokum juice.

Kokum Juice Is Good For The Heart

Kokum is rich in fibre and also has antioxidant properties. One of the crucial ingredients in kokum, Garcinol, is known to reduce the build-up of plaque that clogs the arteries and causes cardiac distress. Kokum juice also helps reduce triglyceride levels that cause coronary artery disease.

Kokum Juice Has Anti Inflammatory Properties

Kokum juice has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Regular juice consumption helps lower the risks of developing inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease, asthma, allergy, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. It also helps control autoimmune disorders that cause inflammation of the various organs due to an overactive immune system.

Kokum Juice Helps Prevent Cancer

Kokum juice is known to have strong anti-carcinogenic properties, and this means it lowers the risk of developing certain types of cancers. Garcinol helps prevent breast and pancreatic cancers by preventing cells’ abnormal growth, which ultimately leads to cancer.

Kokum Juice Is Good For The Digestive System

Apart from protecting the liver and keeping it free of toxins, Kokum juice also helps digest and absorb nutrients from the food we consume. In Ayurveda, Kokum is used to rectify acidity, combat gastritis, and aid digestion.

Kokum Juice Helps Lower Blood Sugar Levels 

Regular consumption of kokum juice is recommended for people with diabetes because it naturally lowers blood glucose levels. It helps increase insulin secretion in the body, thus assisting the utilisation of blood glucose and reducing dependence on medication.

Kokum Juice Contains Essential Nutrients

Kokum juice contains essential micronutrients that are necessary for the maintenance of good health. Apart from Sodium and Potassium, Kokum contains Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, vitamins A, B3, C, and folic acid.

Kokum is best consumed as a juice, or kokum extract can be added to sherbets. Sol Kadhi made with kokum extract and coconut milk makes an excellent beverage and, when served with a dink ladoo, makes for a mid meal snack. 

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