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8 Worthy Tips To Improve Custom Lipstick Boxes

8 Worthy Tips To Improve Custom Lipstick Boxes 

Lipstick is women’s best friend, and they need them to change their personality in seconds. If females wear only lipstick, they look presentable to freely communicate with other people. So, it apparently shows the demand for lipsticks is never falling, and everyone needs individual lipstick shades as per their color complexation and occasions. Some people love nude’s shades, and some want peachy coral shades, so everyone chooses according to their needs. Add to this; brands use customized packaging solutions to pack your lipsticks and protect them from damage. But they need to improve their custom lipstick boxes to grasp more customers’ attention and make their decision for buying lipsticks.

Lipstick Boxes with Custom Printing Options 

The printing of the right content on your custom lipstick boxes makes them alluring and creative. So, print information that you deliver to your customers, and you need to build your brand recognition. In this regard, you can place the logo, brand name, and other necessary information to your end-users. 

However, you can use a meaningful logo on your lipstick boxes to provide recognition that clicks in the customer’s mind. So, they can easily buy your items without taking a second. But ensure to use a unique logo for your custom lipstick boxes. Moreover, you need to choose an awesome logo, quirky style for the brand name, and other text that you print on the box. 

Moreover, you can use any kind of design on lipstick boxes as per your band’s theme. If you like flowers, you can use symmetrical floral themes for lipstick packaging boxes. Moreover, you can use intricate lines, abstract geometrical shapes, marbling effects, and other HD-quality images for your lipstick packaging designs. 

Consider the Need Of Lipstick While Design Lipstick Boxes

Remember your lipstick needs while you design the packaging cartons for their esthetic presentation. You must need awareness regarding lipstick holder’s sizes, material, and shape to set the accurate space in your lipstick box packaging. Sometimes, the brand uses premade boxes that do not fulfill the demand of your lipsticks, and frequently it creates noise due to having some extra space inside the box. Therefore, customizations allow you to choose all elements per your need and product demand. 

Buy Wholesale Lipstick Boxes for Best Affordability 

If you can order fifty and fewer lipstick boxes, it becomes more costly. On the other hand, if you choose lipstick packaging wholesale, you can get high-grade them at affordable prices. Also, you can opt for multiple options to make that fit your budget. 

Premium Quality Material For Lipstick Boxes 

The outer cover of your lipstick is the life of your products and makes them worthy for target audiences. So, you need to pay great attention to cardstock selection for custom lipstick packaging. Therefore, packaging suppliers have multiple options for your lipstick packaging boxes that are enlisting below for you. 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated 
  • Rigid

Packaging brands offer multiple ranges of thickness for your lipstick packaging boxes. For instance, you can choose 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 22pt and 24pt according to your budget. The enhancement of thickness boosts the durability of your item and its shelf life because the thick material becomes the great resistance between sun rays and products. 

Use Of Sleeves And Extra Padding Stuffing 

In recent times, most brands have used extra padding material like bubble cushion wrap, cardboard-made trays, and Eva foam stuffing to protect your product from shaking. This kind of stuff is superbly working for custom liquid lipstick packaging to protect your fragile liquid lipsticks. However, you can use cardboard sleeves to finally wrap your boxes to provide extra protection to your products. Moreover, you can choose complete sleeve boxes packaging to pack your precious lipsticks. 

Add Touch To Make Alluring Lipstick Boxes 

Brands use colorful lipstick boxes and simple white boxes to pack their items in the cosmetic industry. But now it’s time to add some quirky elements that provide a quick boost to your lipsticks and grasp the customer’s attention in seconds. Due to this, you can choose foil stamping in your custom printed lipstick boxes to write your brand name, place a logo, and highlight some packaging design features. So, you can use multiple shades that are explained below for you. 

  • Turquoise 
  • Teal
  • Rose Gold 
  • Bronze 
  • Burgundy 
  • Dark hot pink 
  • Gunmetal 

Application of Blind Embossing and Debossing

All people don’t like to use shiny elements to highlight some catchy features of lipstick. Therefore, packaging brands offer some out-of-the-box things for you, and you can choose according to your desire. They offer an embossing and debossing effect that can be used with shiny coatings and without extra colors. 

Basically, if you will not use any extra ink colors for embossing and debossing effect, it’s called blind embossing or debossing. The embossing effect raises your box surface in which area you used this effect. On the other hand, debossing gives a sunken and depth effect that looks pretty nice on custom lipstick packaging boxes. 

UV coating To Make Your Lipstick packaging Spellbinding 

Sometimes, brands give an extra shiny look to your lipstick packaging, and due to this, they choose glossy coating to make them extra slippery. Using UV gloss coating on your lipstick packaging boxes makes your product more visible with a sparkling light-reflecting effect, and customers turn their attention to your products at least once. And, you acquire the chance to sell your products to win customers’ trust. Add to this, if you like waxy touch your lipstick packaging, you can use matte coating for the packaging of your product. 

Ending Up Thoughts 

So, this discussion concludes that you need to improve your custom lipstick boxes for the growth of your brand. Obviously, if you will use high-quality and up-to-the-mark lipstick boxes for your customers, you need to acquire more sales and customer attention. So, use custom printing options, sleeves, extra security, choose esthetic designs and use wholesale lipstick boxes for this purpose. So, improve your lipstick packaging by using the mentioned techniques to make it beautiful and loveliness. 


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