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9 Signs You've Found Your Twin Flame Mirror Soul

9 Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame “Mirror Soul”

Every relationship has something to teach us, and twin flames are often considered to be the ones that will teach us the most. Some consider meeting their twin flame to be the most powerful soul encounter a person can experience.

So we asked the experts how to know when you’ve found your twin flame, plus what you need to know to navigate this often tumultuous relationship.

1. When you met, there was instant recognition.

When you first meet your twin flame, Spinelli says there will be an intense sense of attraction, recognition, and desire. “Meeting a twin flame often feels like home,” she notes. “They feel familiar, an undeniably strong bond, like you’ve known them before.”

2. You’re very similar.

You and your twin flame may find that you have a lot in common in terms of values, past experiences, and interests, Spinelli adds. “Both of you will find that your past contains many coincidences and similar experiences.”

3. You complement each other.

In those areas where they are not alike, you will find that their differences complement each other, almost like yin and yang. For example, its shadow complements your light and vice versa. And since a twin flame reflects you, you probably know very well how your relationship brings out your shadows and theirs.

4. Your insecurities and doubts are amplified.

“The purpose of your twin flame is to support and assist you with your divine mission and purpose,” notes spiritual author Shannon Kaiser. “So many times this type of relationship will reflect your deepest issues and insecurities so that you can resolve them to heal and grow.”

5. They feel magnetic.

From the moment they met and to this day, they are attracted to them physically when they are around them, but also magnetically when they are not together. It is as if his energy is always with you, always wanting to be closer.

6. The relationship is tumultuous.

Twin flame relationships aren’t all smooth sailing, and in fact, they usually aren’t. Being a twin flame is like constantly facing yourself, that is, the parts of yourself that you may not like. It can be incredibly challenging, but it facilitates great growth for both of you.

7. The relationship is very intense.

There’s a definite emotional charge between twin flames, Spinelli says, and they often develop quickly because you already feel so familiar. And as Kaiser adds, “because you are so connected on a soul level, you feel things together more deeply, often adding more intensity and passion.”

8. You keep coming back together.

“The chase” is definitely part of the 3333 angel number twin flames relationship. At some point, one of you may run away, out of fear, anger, whatever. But you come back often. “If you’re in an ‘on and off’ relationship, it could be with your twin flame,” says Kaiser. “You’ll find that things keep coming together in random ways. It can take months, years, even decades; you always find your way back to each other.”

9. Your connection feels divine.

When you meet your 5555 angel number twin flame, there is a certain higher-than-life quality that probably feels divine or fated. “There is a feeling that you have been brought together by a higher power,” says Spinelli, and that creates a very strong bond between the two of you. (This can sometimes also be karmic relationships.)

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