Advantages of Softphone over desk phones

Technology has advanced extremely in the last decade. With infrastructure shifting to the cloud in today’s corporate environment, practically every type of hardware is being replaced by more convenient online options, and your office phones are no exception. A softphone offers all the operations and characteristics of a desk phone, and Softphone for business offers flexibility and mobility while not increasing your business’s costs. So, to know how a softphone outperforms a desk phone continue reading to find out more. 

Smooth setup:

Softphones are simple to install and operate. To configure your Softphone, you will need a link or a mobile app, as well as the login credentials provided by your provider. After that, you can utilize this link in supported browsers or download the app. Then you enter your login information, and you have access to your Softphone from any device. To make your softphone work, you do not need additional equipment such as a specific type of desk phone or any additional configuration. Because softphones may be used on existing devices, there is no need to buy a new phone.

No infrastructure dependency:

The best thing about softphones is that they operate in the cloud. This means you do not have to bring your workplace desk phone with you when you go on business trips. You may easily access your phone service account from any device and location using your Softphone. Everything that is needed is a reliable internet or WiFi connection. Softphones aid in the management of remote teams. Whether your teams operate remotely or your employees are on the road for work, they can stay connected and approachable on their business lines using laptops or smartphones.

Call termination on SR/UI:

Softphones make it simple to handle customer communication. Companies may better manage the communication process by terminating all inbound/outbound calls on the SR/UI panel from a laptop or desktop.


Traditional landlines necessitate a monthly service fee to remain operational. A corporation pays for bandwidth rather than minutes when using softphones. Local calls on your VoIP software are frequently free, and long-distance calls can be less expensive than if you used a standard desk phone. You can conduct client calls and communicate with business colleagues across the county or worldwide for a single monthly fee that includes your data consumption, saving money on phone rates in the long term.

Secure connectivity:

If you are using a softphone from your device, you normally expect your mobile phone number or home phone number to be shown on outgoing calls. However, this is not the case. The purpose of a softphone is to allow you to use your company phone line from any place or device. As a result, when making a call, you can hide your number through VPN access and display your company number instead. Moreover, incoming calls to your business number will be routed to your Softphone on your device, without your phone number being made public.


Softphones can be scaled more readily to expand business operations because they do not rely on outdated infrastructure. New users and functionality can be easily and cheaply added and withdrawn. You can add new lines or users by login into your dashboard and making the necessary changes, eliminating the need to hardwire lines into a new location. Softphones, on the other hand, can travel with you if you need to change locations. There is no need to upgrade your tool, change your phone number, or install anything new and you can continue functioning as usual.

Call centre metrics:

When organizations use Softphone with WebRTC, theycan utilize custom filters and measure client satisfaction levels. With precise information on the client experience, a company may ensure high satisfaction by implementing customer experience activities. Furthermore, the configurable filters enable the agents’ efficiency levels to be measured. Because agents are the primary point of contact for clients, they must be well-trained to deliver the finest service and a better CX. 

Closing thoughts

Softphones for business are a relatively new cloud communication technology that has progressively altered client communication in various ways. A softphone streamlines the way of building and receiving business calls by allowing employees to remain connected irrespective of where they are or what devices they are using. Knowlarity is the best provider of cloud telephony, and you can get a softphone service today with Knowlarity to boost workplace efficiency and optimize your calling routine.

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