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All About Desert Safari Quad Biking

The Arabian desert is among the most attractive locations globally that everyone would love to visit at least once in their lifetime. It has fascinating views, dunes are sure to attract people from all over the world towards itself.

Desert safari Dubai is a tour package specially designed to offer you a chance to spend some quality time with your dear ones in the Arabian desert that would enable you to experience the desert like never before. The safari is conducted by professional guides who will be happy to narrate stories about the life of travelers and how they go through difficulties, what they do etc. Here you can experience various rides, including dune bashing, sandboarding, and the famous one is quad biking. Desert Safari is a mind-blowing experience that you are sure to cherish for your entire life.

About Quad Biking in Desert

Quad biking is considered an exciting way of exploring the desert. Arabian deserts are beautiful and also very challenging due to their difficult terrain. The most popular ride amongst visitors is quad biking, enabling them to have some thrilling time in the desert. Some professional drivers will be taking you through the desert on quads, and even you can drive those bikes themselves to experience the wonders of the desert at an incredible speed. Riding on a quad is definitely more fun than riding a camel or taking the dune bashing rides since it provides more mobility and helps you explore quickly around the desert.

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Desert Safari Dubai also provides you with helmets and other safety gear, essential to ensure your safety during this exhilarating ride. There are various reasons why people enjoy quad biking at the desert safari in Dubai so much. One main reason is that it’s exciting and fun to do, another reason is that you will be able to experience the vastness of the Arabian desert on quads where you can see for miles around. Once you have completed your quad biking session, then there are other attractions that you could also enjoy, like watching many types of animals or taking part in activities like sandboarding, etc.

Why Are Quad Bikes Famous?

Quad bikes are pretty fast, and you can enjoy the fun of riding on a bike even in the desert. It is also an exciting way to explore around without getting tired easily. Riding quads is something that everyone will surely enjoy, young or old alike. If you’re traveling with your friends/family, it could be very exciting for them since they would find it fun exploring the Arabian Desert through this fantastic ride.

Preventive measures for quad biking

  • In desert safari Dubai, you must wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the hot wind coming in your face.
  • Also, take sunscreen lotion with you to don’t get tanned.
  • Your clothes should be light in color since it doesn’t look nice if the dark colors absorb the heat of the sun.
  • You must wear a helmet to avoid any untoward accidents.
  • Never break from your group since it can be dangerous if anyone gets lost in the desert.
  • Always give way for people riding quads who are behind you.
  • It’s important to follow your guide’s instructions as he is aware of the area and knows what should be done in case of an emergency.

Other Desert Safari Excursions

Besides quad biking, there are other exciting desert safari Dubai excursions that you can also enjoy to experience some of the most amazing moments in your life. Some of these activities include the camel ride, the belly dance show, and also a fantastic dinner. Desert safari is truly a memorable experience, which you should definitely not miss out on when you visit Dubai.

The city has so much to offer, and it is your choice as a traveler as to what excursions you would like to enjoy during your visit. Whether you want to take a dune bashing ride, sandboarding, or quad biking, the desert safari gives you all these options wrapped together in one package so that you can save time and money and also enjoy some great moments with your friends and family.

Final Words

Desert safari Dubai gives you everything that you could ask for. It is truly a fantastic experience to spend time with family and friends away from the busy city life. You can enjoy drinking tea or coffee around a bonfire. It’s great fun to enjoy quad biking in the desert, and it brings back memories of your childhood when you used to ride your cycle on the road. It is one exhilarating ride where you will be able to explore the Arabian Desert like never before.


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