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If you have never written a technical blog before, it can seem a bit overwhelming. You might even be asking yourself, “Where do I even start?” If you find yourself in this position, the point of this blog is to help break down the whole process into something a little more easily digestible. Once you know some of the fundamental building blocks, the actual writing process will be a lot easier. But before diving into how to create a blog, I will briefly discuss why you should write one.

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Now that you have finally accomplished writing your blog, the fun part begins, editing! Re-read your work and check to make sure everything is sound from a technical standpoint and on the grammatical side of things. Next, send it off to 2–3 people for any additional feedback that they might suggest. You can send it to a friend, co-worker, or family member. Usually, people are more than willing to give helpful recommendations on how to improve your blog. It might be a bit nerve-racking to have someone else critique your work, however, it’s far better to get their opinion before sending it out into the world.

There you have it, a few simple steps to help get you going in the right direction when drafting your first publication. Hopefully, there is something useful you can take away from this when you set out to write your tech blog. Don’t worry about your first one being absolutely perfect, as with anything new, practice makes perfect.

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Good luck!

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