Envelope printing: Do’s and Don’ts of printing a perfect envelope

Envelopes are a classic tool used in the past to send and receive letters. However, with the passage of time, this function was taken up by the internet. Still, envelope printing provide a traditional and classy touch which the internet lacks. Moreover, companies have also started using envelopes for marketing their products. They send their promotional products. Although, they packed in boxes to celebrities. Attached with the package is a beautiful envelope that contains a letter from the company. It provides information about the product as well as the goals of the company. Envelope printing has been excessively useful in this regard. It gives a more professional touch to the package and makes sure that the product leaves a lasting impression on the buyer or the recipient.


Envelope printing have become important tools of marketing. Companies use it not only for marketing but also to keep their customers aware of promotional offers and sales by sending them letters. Not only this, but People also use envelopes to convey their love via handwritten notes or gifts to their loved ones. You can use these envelopes on different occasions, such as birthdays, festivals, and anniversaries. This means that there are different kinds of envelopes, each suited for a specific function. Therefore, the printing of each envelope needs to be unique and related to the item packed inside the envelope.

For businesses:

Businesses need a different kind of envelopes. Their main purpose is to attract more customers. Therefore, they invest all their efforts and energies in it. They look for ideas that help them gather more customers.

Company’s Logo:

You can add the most important thing, which is the company’s logo. The logo is like an ambassador of any company. IT represents the company in front of the people. A unique and creative logo can make a company very famous. Companies have different choices in this matter too. They can either use custom envelopes with a logoprinted on them. Or they can also opt for embossing a logo on the envelope. An embossed envelope looks more professional and has a stronger impact on the people, as compared to one with a logo printed on it.

 envelope printing

Company’s name and details:

Sometimes printing the logo of the company on the envelope is not necessary. Here, the companies use envelope printingtechniques to print the name of the company and its details on the envelope too. This is important while dealing with formal clients and investors. They need to know all details of the company before taking any further steps. Sometimes, companies also have to print all their details. While sending promotional products. This allows the people to contact the company and give their feedback about the product. The company can use this information to make their product better to gain popularity and customer’s trust.

Product details:

Whenever companies deliver products either for promotion or on order, they also print product details on the Envelope printing. It helps people understand the product. Some of the products are fragile. And therefore, they need extra care. For such products, the companies print fragile on the envelope. Whereas some products need a step-by-step guide to use them correctly. All these instructions are printed and paced in the same envelope and sent to the customers. This makes sure that they do not accidentally damage the product.

Benefits of buying the product:

Whenever people buy any product, the main reason or motivation to buy the product is the advantages that they will get after buying the product. They have to ask other people or surf the internet to find the answer. However, the companies can print the main benefits that their product provides either on the envelope or on paper and then pack it inside the envelope.

For celebrations and festivals:

The concept of envelope printingis different when it comes to the use of envelopes on special occasions. We commonly use these envelopes in our lives. People use envelopes to pack their good wishes or love letters and then send this envelope to the desired person, in addition. These envelopes are also used for packing small gifts. People use these for money. Also, you can also use these envelops to give cash to your adored ones. If there is a wedding, you can give a token of love in these envelops. Many people give cash to kids in these envelops on Christmas and birthdays.  Therefore, their outlook needs to be according to the event on which they are presented.

A hint of the event:

If the custom envelopesare to be presented to a person on their gift. Then, you can print “Happy Birthday” on the gift boxes. Also, it seems appropriate. Whereas, if they are to be used on anniversaries. Then ‘Happy anniversary’ Is printed on these envelopes. The same is the case with Christmas or any other occasion. This gives a hint about the event. People can not present birthday envelopes and anniversaries or Christmas. So, there is a need to have separate envelopes for all occasions.

Designs and Flowers:

Different designs and shapes are also printed on the envelopes. These depend on the occasion where the envelope is to be used. Red flowers are printed specifically when the envelope is meant for your better half or a newly married couple. These are representatives of love and affection. In the same way, cakes and candles are printed on envelopes. It is used to present money or a letter containing your wishes for your loved ones.

Color of the envelope:

The color of the Envelope printingis also very important. It should match the vibe of the event. For example, the red color is more appropriate for weddings and anniversaries. Whereas cool and vibrant colors will leave a lasting impression if used to present birthday gifts. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a balance of everything. This is why there are separate envelopes for every event.

Font size and style:

It looks beautiful when you add someone’s name on the paper. Customers should opt for amazing and unique fonts. Whereas, customers can also try different font styles.  You can choose the one that is appropriate and stylish. Customers can choose what is trending. Italic and bold words leave a lasting impression. Similarly, customers can change the font color as per their specifications. 

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