Nike’s Visually Appealing Bullet Points

A product description’s visual arrangement is just as vital as the writing style used. Filling the screen with countless lines of text that take a long time to read is a common mistake. Instead, you want customers to notice the product’s major features in the first few seconds.

Create crisp product descriptions that look bright and appealing instead of scary walls of information. White space helps people recall what you want them to remember. At least not above the fold, don’t devote a paragraph to describe something that can be conveyed in a few lines. More information can be found further down the page.


When it comes to blending white space with dramatic photographs and concise captions, Nike is a master. Its product descriptions are appealing and fascinating to read.

When it comes to creating compelling descriptions that are easy to recall, bullet lists are your best friend. They can explain key selling elements in a few words, prompting immediate sales. Buyers will be able to swiftly access the information they need without having to sift through excessive text.

Product Descriptions with Expert Branding: Boardcave

Each description should remain faithful to your brand message, regardless of how many products you sell. Strong branding distinguishes your items and informs customers about your basic values. This might help you build brand loyalty and connect with your audience.

Two companies can sell the same pair of jeans but market them differently depending on their brand identity. One may appeal to youngsters who want to look fashionable, while the other is more family-friendly. Neither style of branding is right or wrong; depending on the target audience, one is more effective than the other.

The voice of your brand should be reflected in product descriptions. This type of personalised touch can be added by a professional copywriting service. Product information and visuals should show whether your firm is vintage, modern, elegant, hip, polished, playful, or adventurous.

Boardcave has a distinct surfer spirit to its brand language. In addition producing renowned surfboards, the company produces how-to movies for surfers and recommendations to Australia’s top breaks. It’s no surprise that their product descriptions are written in surf slang.

With terms like “kinda,” this paragraph for The Enduro manages to flout proper language and spelling. However, for Boardcave, this is a wonderful fit for branding. The description reads more like a group of surfers advising you on the finest board to buy than a firm attempting to sell you something. Because they identify with your way of doing things, your clients are more likely to go to your website first for the items they need if you create this kind of trust with them.

Williams Sonoma: Benefit-Oriented Product Descriptions

One of the most effective strategies to persuade consumers to buy your product is to demonstrate why they require it. This includes sharing information, but it extends beyond that. People can be persuaded by the best product description writing services that certain things can better their lives in some way.

Whereas a rudimentary description would only list the materials used in a shoe and leave it at that, a great piece focused on benefits demonstrates how the customer is involved. “This next-gen sole provides great comfort for business leaders who spend a lot of time travelling,” it might state. By demonstrating why the shoe is great, frequent business travellers will feel as if they’ve discovered something made just for them.

Williams Sonoma is an expert at crafting feature-oriented product descriptions. Despite selling hundreds of different cookware products to professional chefs and home cooks alike, the company uses descriptive bullets that highlight features and benefits to help visitors find the perfect fit.

Rather than merely stating that the knives feature 64 layers of steel Damascus and a powdered steel core, Williams Sonoma goes on to state that this results in a “supersharp cutting edge” inspired by “samurai sword-making skills.”

Readers can now see why the knife’s exorbitant price tag is completely justified. When the moisture-resistant, resin-infused handles are described as “designed for comfort and control,” the same thing happens.

The claim that these knives are made for “professional kitchens” appeals not only to professional chefs but also to average cooks who aspire to be pros.

When a company sells multiple similar products, copywriting agency pros know that identifying clear qualities might help buyers make a decision. Because Williams Sonoma sells dozens of various knife sets, bullet points highlighting the distinctions are essential for customers to narrow down their choices. Customers will love their shopping experience more if you make it easier for them to find what they want.

E-Commerce Descriptions that are Mobile Friendly: Bliss

More individuals are shopping on their phones than ever before. This covers not only investigation but also key purchasing activity. If you want your product descriptions and sales pages to appeal to as many customers as possible, make sure they appear great on tablets, smartphones, computers, and smart TVs.


For mobile optimization, content arrangement is critical. Because smartphone screens are smaller and vertically oriented, you must be careful that lengthy paragraphs do not fill the full screen. Bullet points are useful for constructing mobile-friendly explanations for this reason.

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