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Genius Examples of QR Codes in Marketing

Who Is Using Quick Response Codes?

In 2011, fourteen million people in the United States scanned a QR code. However, the novelty rapidly wore off, and now the majority of marketers are demanding for QR codes to officially be declared dead.

Why were they so slow to understand? To read them, the vast majority of cellphones required the installation of a separate application, which added even another cumbersome step to the process. However, these days almost all smartphones come equipped with their own QR code readers, which makes the process far simpler.

Now, an estimated 11 million households in the United States will scan a QR code each and every year. The use of QR codes is experiencing a resurgence.

Consequently, what are some ways that you might put the potential of QR codes to use? Here are some of the most memorable examples of QR codes, along with some pointers on how to put this tactic to work for your brand.

1. Innovative Publicity for Mobile Apps

At the Video Music Awards, Burger King included this eye-catching application of a QR code in their advertisement. Users could access a link to download the Burger King app by scanning the QR code, which appeared multiple times in an advertisement video. (If you have the time, I highly recommend viewing the entire film; it’s very creative!)

2. Get Well Soon Notes and Music Compilations

A novel and intriguing idea occurs to me right now: what if you combined music and greeting cards in one product? It is the next generation of the mixtape, and the QR pictures, as they are called, were created by the same agency in the United Kingdom that was responsible for the unofficial advertisements for Instagram and Angry Birds that were discussed earlier.

If the user has the premium version of the Spotify app installed on their mobile device, they can just scan the barcode to immediately begin playing the playlist. The playlists include music that caters to practically every hobby and circumstance, such as music for gamers, music that caters to cooks, and love songs, which are a mixtape staple and a fan favourite.

3. QR Codes Bring a breath of fresh air to tired old spots.

If you haven’t been to a museum in a while, when was your last visit? You are in for a special treat if you answered “on a grade school field trip” or “only old persons go to museums” in response to the previous question.

The paintings in the Sukiennice Museum in Poland have been given an entirely new depth by the addition of a series of stories that convert each artwork into a series of tales about madness, intrigue, deception, conflict, and many other topics.

The Sukiennice Museum invited reenactors to share their interpretations on the exhibition titled “Secrets Behind the Paintings.” When visitors scan the QR code associated with a certain artwork, they are given information that appears to have been provided by the “painter” themselves.

4. Get into the holiday spirit by adding Personalized Gift Messages and Wrapping Paper to Your Presents

It is impossible not to be impressed by the ingenious strategies that marketers have used to attract holiday consumers utilising QR codes.

5. QR Codes Post a Graphic Representation of Your Life Here.

We have not yet seen any QR codes printed on gravestones; but, these codes can be utilised in a manner very similar to that of Foursquare to check in at the funeral and let the family know who was there. Additionally, they can be utilised to give family members directions to the funeral service.

When most members of the older age are told how QR codes, sometimes known as Remembrance Codes because that is what the business community calls them, function, they are astounded. At the moment, the majority of the younger generation is aware of what they are.

Who else believes that in the not too distant future, names and dates will give way to QR codes that provide a narrative about the life of a deceased loved one?

The Steps to Creating Your Very Own QR Code

A customised version of the QR code, courtesy of Custom QR Codes

Visit the website QR Stuff for the simplest and most expedient method of obtaining a free QR code. You can also get scan analytics for a nominal additional cost.

RCode Monkey allows you to customise the colours, size, and design of the codes it generates for you, making it an excellent option if you’re searching for something that’s a little bit more fashionable.

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