How to Avail Free Tuition Facility for International Students in Germany

Germany is one of the top developed countries. It has the best universities in the world that are famous for free education for international students. They also want to build their careers by studying in Germany. Free education in Germany also attracts many students. Students from developing countries show great interest for studying here. They want to raise their living standards. Quality education without any fee raises their attraction.

It also provides a high quality of life with free education. They experience new things and learn about new cultures. In 2020, around 2,01,223 international students will take admissions in social sciences. These results show the interest of international students for studying within Germany. Students have thoughts about free education in their minds. This article resolves some major concerns of students.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are the major expenses for students. As in the UK, you have to pay a large number of fees every year. The situation is different in Germany. You will be happy to hear that public universities don’t charge a tuition fee. You can study bachelor’s and Masters programs without any fee. This service is available for people all around the world. There are many courses available to choose from. They do not only provide courses in German, but also in the English language. Most of the universities are public, and don’t charge a tuition fee.

Germany has almost 300 public universities. Students only need to pay an administration fee that is not too much. This cost lies between 100-350 EUR/ semester. This fee covers many expenses like the admission fees. Some places ask students for fees if they don’t complete their degree on time. Private universities are also working in Germany. They charge tuition fees from students. The tuition fee may reach 26000-4000EUR/semester. Students show interest in knowing the name of universities that provide free services. We are going to share the names of some universities that are as follows.

  • University of Bremen
  • University of Cologne
  • University of Stuttgart
  • University of Mannheim
  • University of Hamburg
  • University of Münster
  • University of Würzburg

Tuition fees are not high in other universities. We are going to share the tuition fees of top-ranked universities in Germany. L. M. University of Munich charges 258EUR/year for tuition fees. The fees are nominal, and students can also bear them. The University of Berlin charges no tuition fees. Heidelberg University charges almost 20,000EUR/year for tuition fees.

Accommodation Expenses

According to an assignment help firm, Germany is an affordable country. You don’t need a large amount of money to live there. They provide quality services at cheap rates. Students can meet their monthly expenses in 700-1000EUR. For living in large cities, you may need 1000-1500 EUR for monthly expenses. But for smaller cities, 700-1000 EUR is enough. Housing is expensive as compared to the other things. It is the main expense that students have to bear. Students can reduce this expense by using the services of house halls.

They also share rented apartments to reduce costs. Further, they also rent a studio (one-room apartment). They have to pay 390 EUR/month for living in a studio. Private, shared rented flat may decrease the cost to 350-365 EUR/month. A residence hall is the nominal one, and it costs 250 EUR/month. Most of the students use house hall services for a living. Around 40% of international students live in a residence hall. Students also bear utility expenses like gas, electricity, internet, and others. The expenses don’t cost more than 200 EUR.

Food Expenses

Food is important for living. Students have many questions about food in other countries. They want to find their cultural foods. Students from Muslim countries only consume halal foods. All students have concerns about food. The good news is that you can find any food here. Food is also not expensive here. You can bear monthly food expenses in 150-170 EUR. You may also find cheaper food than this amount. For a lower price, you have to visit markets like Netto and Aldi. Your weekend dinner expense in the restaurant covers 10-45 EUR.

Transportation Expenses

Students use transport services to travel. Public transport for students cost 25-200 EUR/month. Many universities receive transportation costs with an administration fee. Students use the train for travelling to different cities. It costs between 20-70 EUR. Bicycles are also available for rent. Students can take it in the amount of 20 EUR/day. Transportation cost is not high compare to other developed countries.

Support Programs

Germany promotes education in different ways. They support the research culture in different fields. The government also covers tuition fees. They also provide other support programs to meet expenses. DAAD is their famous program. It provides financial help to researchers. Other local and international students also receive this scholarship. It is not easy to get DAAD support.

Most of the time, newcomers fail to receive these funds. Their criteria are sound and clear. The government also provides funds to support the monthly expenses of students. The talented students receive 300 EUR/ month for meeting the expenses. International students can receive funds from political or religious groups. There are many other options for students to share their expenses.


Every European country charge fee for study. Germany provides free education to people all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you are from Europe, Asia, or any other place. Free education doesn’t mean that the quality is poor. They provide the best services to the students. They have high-quality teachers and facilities. Free education covers a large number of programs. They offer programs in the English language as well. So, students are not bound to learn the German language.

The cost of living in Germany is not expensive. Students can bear it without disturbing their studies. The government also provides support funds to students. DAAD support program is popular in the world. Students use them to meet their utility and transport expenses. Germany also allows students to stay in Germany after completing their education. In this time, they can find a job for them. Germany provides great opportunities to students. Students use this opportunity to build their careers.

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