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How to Get the Best Deal on Umrah Packages

For Muslims, the spiritual pilgrimage to Mecca is known as an ‘Umrah’. While many people pick to make this trip every year, it can be rather costly. In this post, I will share with you ten ways that might help you find Umrah packages for less than the market price!

1. Uncover the list price

When trying to find a bargain on an Umrah plan, you must determine what the retail price of what you desire is. For instance, when I was in search of Umrah packages for my family, one of the first things I did was go on the internet and find out just how much a typical Hajj package costs. I then used this figure as a basis for my search.

2. Look beyond the travel bureau:

While many Hajj and Umrah travel bureaus will use you as an exceptional offer, this is not always the case. One technique that might help you discover offers beyond what these representatives are offering is to look around online for that perfect bundle. There are dozens of sites out there that can assist you in finding a space or even an entire Umrah trip plan that costs much less than what a representative is offering. Additionally, you can even utilize Facebook groups or sites like Craigslist to find more affordable offers.

3. Get imaginative with your transportation:

Another manner in which may help you fined an Umrah package for less than the market price is by being creative with your travel arrangements. One reliable method of doing this is by utilizing public transport instead of employing a personal vehicle or motorist. This is an appropriate service if you are trying to conserve money on your transport when in Saudi Arabia.

4. Be versatile with travel dates:

If possible, attempt to be versatile when deciding the date of your Umrah package trip. This is specifically real if you’re trying to find a last-minute deal as this will allow you to discover a room in the wanted time frame.

5. Browse extensively

Something that many people stop working to realize when they’re searching for a less expensive deal on something is that there is usually going to be a better deal out there someplace. If you’re consistent, you will eventually come across something perfect for your budget.

6. Look beyond retail websites

Among my preferred ways to find offers is by having a look at websites that aren’t necessarily associated with the usual retail firms. A fine example of this is the website, which provides extremely competitive costs on its Umrah packages.

7. Work with a local guide

One manner in which will help you save cash when looking for Umrah packages is by hiring a regional guide or agent instead of using an English-speaking travel agency agent. While hiring a local guide may cost slightly more than working with an English speaking travel representative, these people are fluent in both Arabic and English which enables them to work directly with hotel owners, transport workers, and other Saudi people who can offer you suggestions on how to conserve upon transportation costs when in the holy city.

8. Look for readily available discounts online or offline

Among the best methods to find an Umrah package for less than the retail price is by exploring your local newspaper, shopping center leaflets, and even hotel lobbies for affordable deals. Attempt combining these with other methods discussed above and you may find that discovering a low-cost Umrah package is much easier than you believed!

9. Travel on a Monday or Thursday

Since a lot of flight offers are released on weekends, attempt waiting till the first couple of days of the week to reserve your flight. There’s constantly an opportunity that you might find some offers readily available that weren’t promoted during the weekend. Another method is to prepare your journey for Thursday or Friday; given that Hajj and Umrah groups normally reserve their rooms at that time of the week, you may just find a good deal if you’re versatile with your travel dates and plan on booking at least a month beforehand!

10. Avoid hotels without any evaluations

Another good way of finding deals on Umrah Packages is by looking only at the extremely evaluated hotels or those that do not have any reviews. This is since hotel owners are more going to offer deals to clients who compose positive reviews about their facility. Some even provide complimentary upgrades!


To get more value for your cash, it’s important to be flexible with travel dates. You might want to consider taking a trip on a Monday or Thursday when prices are normally more affordable than during the weekend and holidays. If you’re uncertain which day is the most affordable, use an Umrah price calculator like ours to find out! Another pointer that can help save you some money? Employ an experienced local guide who will share their insider understanding of where locals choose low-cost deals on flights and hotels in Saudi Arabia.

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