IELTS Writing Test Tips for Indian Students

IELTS Test Writing Tips

Well, as we all know that IELTS consists of four sections that are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Here are some IELTS writing test tips for Indian students to crack IELTS test in first attempt.

IELTS Writing – Important Part of the Exam

 As far as all the sections are concerned, all of them are considered important but the writing part is always an important part of the exam as it involves writing the sentences n the most correct way possible and that too without any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes.

Some of IELTS Writing Tips

 So, this is what I am here for my friend. I am here to give you some of the writing tips that will help you to clear the writing part of the exam.

 So, the tips are:-

  1. Be direct with your writing and don’t try to use words that you don’t know about. Writing should be clear and concise and tell the exact meaning of the answer to which the question is being asked.
  2. Choose your words nicely and smartly and don’t try to use those words in which you don’t know their meanings. So, use those words to which you oboe the meanings too. The answer should be simple and it should convey the basic message. If you would use simple words then your chances of grammatical mistakes would be less.
  3. Try to write the answers in short sentences. Don’t write any long sentences. Try to convey your basic idea in these short sentences possible.
  4. Always remember to make use of active voice for writing the sentences in the answers and try not to use passive voice for it.
  5. After being done with all of the writing parts now recode your answers and look for any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes that may come while again reviewing the answers.
  6. Prepare for the answers according to the questions. Write the answers in the most precise way possible.
  7. Understand the task carefully and read all the instructions very carefully before going for the writing part. You will be given time to read all the instructions so read them very properly.
  8. Try to organize your ideas and give yourself a minute to think about writing the most precise answer possible.
  9. Try to understand the keywords provided for the exam. You should know what information you need to get that is important for you to understand. So work on that accordingly.
  10. Remember there are two tasks for the writing part. Task one is of about 150 words that involve a short essay while task 2 involves a long essay of 250 words so you have to write accordingly by seeing for the word limit. Don’t try to exceed the word limit.

So, these were the basic points and tips that you need to keep in mind while going for the writing part.

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