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Is LinkedIn Lead Extractor Best To Get Quality Leads From LinkedIn?

Why Leads Are Important?

As we all know that customers are the blood life of any business and there is no business without customers. And business owners spend millions of dollars on marketing to generate new leads and then try to convert these leads into permanent clients. So, you are in trouble if you don’t have leads for your business or don’t know how to generate leads for your business. Definitely, this article is especially for you.  After reading it, you will know how to find and extract leads from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Lead Extractor.

Although there are many ways to generate new sales leads from LinkedIn for your business, in this article, we will discuss only LinkedIn Lead Extractor to extract leads from LinkedIn with just a few clicks. As this is a simple tool and absolutely affordable. Therefore, you just need to spend time extracting as many leads as you wish. Now let’s come to the point and see how you can extract email and cell phone leads from LinkedIn:

Why LinkedIn Is Best For Lead Generation?

The answer to this question… is another question: Why not use LinkedIn for lead generation?

If you’ve arrived here, you’re looking to leverage your LinkedIn audience to sell more.

That’s the final goal of your business’s social media platforms — reach more people and convert them into customers. LinkedIn is the best platform for lead generation with 800 million monthly active users. You can get valid and real data for marketing and selling purposes from LinkedIn profiles.

Is LinkedIn Scraping Easy And Legal?

LinkedIn scraping is generally considered legal, but that does not mean you will find it easy. A lot of the data available on LinkedIn of interest to web scrapers is user generated. However, LinkedIn would not allow you to scrape data from its platform without a fight, and only when you can either evade the fight or even win it would you get this data only in PDF format. LinkedIn Scraping with LinkedIn Lead Extractor is completely legal and an easy process as it scrapes publicly available data from LinkedIn profiles and search results.

What Is LinkedIn Lead Extractor?

LinkedIn Lead Extractor lets you extract LinkedIn profile data, name, email address, phone number, social media links, website link, address, zip codes, job title, experience, and skills, quickly and easily, without having to write any code. This LinkedIn Scraper software is quite popular among non-techies that want to scrape data from LinkedIn to excel without coding skills

How Can I Extract Leads From LinkedIn?

Firstly you will need to download the software from the official website(

Step 1: Click on the Launch button

Step 2: Enter your starter URLs and search criteria in the search tab

For best results, you can find data by zip code, job title, and name. You can select LinkedIn search results for data scraping.

Step 4: Click “Run Extractor”.

This LinkedIn Profile Scraper will scrape email address, phone number, social media links, job title, skills, website link, and much more from a LinkedIn profile and selected search results. The LinkedIn Data Scraper accuracy is 99% and the price for 3 months is just $59.99.

Data Formats Available

You can download the extracted data in the following file formats:





After downloading you can use this data for marketing and selling purposes.


Scraping LinkedIn data is not as difficult as you think, provided you are equipped with the right knowledge and skill to access the service in an automated manner without detection and parse out the required data.

You can get unlimited quality data from LinkedIn by using LinkedIn data extractor software. Not being a coder is no longer a barrier – already-made LinkedIn scraping tools are now available that you can use, and one of the best is listed above.

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