Lamaze Breathing: Provides Ultimate Relaxation To The Pregnant Women

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Thanks to Fernand Lamaze for being the founder of Lamaze Breathing.

If you have gotten pregnant with the help of the IVF centre, the importance of learning Lamaze increases more for you.

What is Lamaze?

It is one of the breathing techniques that aim at imparting control in the breathing which will make you feel relaxed and will lead your perception of pain to get decreased.

Features of the Lamaze Breathing are as follow:

  • Breathe Slowly, But deeply
  • Do not go out of the rhythm
  • Try to breathe with your nose and mouth consecutively


When you are carrying the breathing activities, just focus on one thing. Usually, women like to focus on the photograph of their partners.

Lamaze Breathing Techniques

Which breathing techniques to follow when the contractions begin?

No sooner do your contractions begin than you should start doing your breathing techniques. Your breathing needs to be deep enough to make you feel relaxed in one go. This kind of breath is referred to as cleaning or relaxing breathing.

Step1: Commence with a slow but very deep breath. With this, all of your tension from head to toe will vanish.

Step 2: Make sure you are inhaling with the help of your nose. After that take a little pause. In the end, make sure that you are exhaling through the mouth.

Step 3: Every time you are exhaling, make sure you are focusing on a particular body part to get relaxed.

How To Do The Breathing Exercises During Active Labour?

With the help of the following, you can carry out your breathing exercises:

  • Make sure you are organizing your breath
  • Try to breathe in with the help of your nose and breathe out through your mouth.
  • Make sure you are breathing slowly and easily. Do not keep it slow even when the intensity of the contraction rises.
  • Try to relax your shoulders
  • If your contractions are at a peak and the rate of your breathing is also increasing, then try to switch to light breathing techniques. Make it only one breathe per second.
  • On the other hand, if your contractions are decreasing, then make your breathing rate slow and keep on breathing with both your nose and mouth.

Note: If you are not understanding the Lamaze breathing techniques with written material and you need physical assistance for the same, then it is time for you to find the Lamaze classes in Punjab.

What Is Transition Breathing?

Transition breathing is perfectly suitable for those who are inactive labour. With the help of breathing, it is super easy for you to have control of your feelings that will result in despair and exhaustion.

Final Comments!

People in Punjab have not yet gotten thoroughly acquainted with what Lamaze breathing is. It is particularly beneficial for those mothers who are going to have a test-tube baby.

To know more about the Lamaze techniques to catch a hold on the painful contractions, please stay tuned with our articles and blogs.

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