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Nicotine Strengths: How to Choose What’s Right for You

If you are thinking of making a switch from cigarettes to vapes, you need to ensure that you choose the right nicotine strength. In addition, vapers should choose a disposable vape device like Geek bar lite, Solo vape when they are at the initial stage of vaping.

Nicotine in cigarettes is kept in its natural form, which is more harmful to human health. Along with nicotine, other hazardous chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tobacco also negatively affect human health.

The nicotine in e-liquids is not natural and is lab proceed. Nicotine is not the only substance used in the manufacturing of e-liquids. Other ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavours play a key role in the overall making of vape juice.

The ingredients of e-liquids are not as harmful as the chemicals of a cigarette. Therefore NHS has declared vapes as 95% less harmful than cigarette smoking. Disposable vapes are the kind of devices that help you kick your smoking habits more effectively.

Nicotine Strength and its Important:

Nicotine strength plays a huge part in your vaping. If you do not choose the right nicotine level, chances are you will jump back to your cigarettes and never abandon your smoking habits. When smoking a cigarette have you ever thought about how much nicotine you take inside your body? It is almost impossible to know the amount of nicotine you intake when smoking a cigarette. 

Nicotine strength in e-liquids will help you determine how much nicotine you inhale. It has paramount importance in vaping world. The strength of nicotine varies from person to person. One can easily choose their desired nicotine from the following strengths.

  • 3mg_Equivent to 4 to 5 cigarettes OR less than half a pack.
  • 6mg_ Equivalent to 6 to 10 cigarettes OR half a pack.
  • 12mg_Equivlent 12 to 20 cigarettes OR full pack.


18 mg and 20mg for heavy smokers (chain smokers). There is also 0mg nicotine available for people who just want to have fun with their vape juices. 0mg nicotine is also effective for people who gradually cut down their smoking habits, i.e., starting from 12mg, 6mg, 3mg, and finally 0mg.

Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength:

Once you know how many cigarettes you smoke a day, it would be easy for you to choose your desired strength. Beginner vapers tend to choose disposable vape devices like Ivg bar as it allows them to inhale nicotine in a better way. The amount of PG in the e-liquids of disposable vapes is kept a little high so that it can combine with nicotine efficiently.

Disposable vapes give a strong throat hit, which simulates the sensation of cigarette smoking; therefore, smokers choose these devices. There are some other devices, such as vape mods. Pod mod and box mods, but they are all advance and require special maintenance. One can alter the settings, such as temperature and wattage of advanced vape devices.

Let me tell you my story before we go deep into vaping and all. I am 68 years old woman and in the best shape of my life; I am a gym instructor today with less body fat and am fit as a 24 years old girl. And let me tell you why.

I was a chain smoker in my youth. I had no career option besides that I was this girl who was a girl working in the call centre. By the time I got 40, I was diagnosed with so many diseases; I couldn’t breathe properly, couldn’t digest food properly, my life was a mess. I knew that cigarettes were the cost of all that was happening to me. But I couldn’t stop smoking; it drives me crazy all the time.

But one day, a miracle happened, my doctor gave me a disposable vape one day and said, try this thing which I did, and it was amazing; I could feel the smoking entering my lungs, and it felt amazing; therefore, I decided to put my life on the signs of vaping than cigarettes and now look at me I am living my best life so far.

What Disposable Kits do I use to fulfil my Hunger?

As a citizen of the United Kingdom, I am grateful to live in this country as my country has done many things for people like me. And allowing vapes into the market is the best thing for the citizens like me.

From the moment I started vaping, there are two vape kits that I would like to describe. First is the Aroma king disposable vape, and the other is the IVG disposable.

Why do I love these two flavours?

The geek bar was given to me by my doctor, and the elf bar was recommended to me by my husband; therefore, these two are my favourite disposables in the entire world.

Besides, these gifts were given to me by my people, and these bars are worth it. As a vape user, these disposable kits not only satisfy smoking hungry but also save me from worse.

After all, both these disposables gave 600 plus puffs with the use of nicotine punch and had some amazing flavours of my favourite fruits, citrus, mango, and raspberries.

Where to Order Elf and Geek Vape bars?

It’s very simple to order, you can search about these products on google as geek bar vape kits in UK or elf bar kits in the UK, and there you can find lots of disposable kits with various offers and coupons as well. And at the end of this blog, I will suggest to all cigarette smokers to try vaping. It’s amazing.

Summing up:

With the advancements in the vaping industry, it is now easy for people to choose their preferred nicotine strength. Once decide how many cigarettes you smoke a day, you can easily pick the e-liquid with the right strength of nic salt. One important thing that you should always remember is that you cannot exceed nicotine strength up to 20mg. The nicotine strength is determined by the Tobacco Product Directive, and exceeding this strength is considered illegal.

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