Sperm Donation – The Modern Approach Of IVF

We all have seen the famous movie – ‘Vicky Donor’. Haven’t you seen it? It emerged as a blockbuster hit and a favourite of the people of Punjab. Immediately, Go and get yourself acquainted with what is happening in the world.

To hold your grip on the article, let me tell you what it is about?

It is the story of a boy who has such good sperm that he donated to bring life and happiness back to the lives of infertile couples. Now the basic question which is sure to arise in your mind is – “What exactly is sperm donation and why is it needed?”

If you have this question in your mind, then I am impressed with your intellect.

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What is sperm donation?

After undergoing an intercourse act or masturbation, the male partners do ejaculate. In hat ejaculated fluid, there is a presence of millions of sperms which are the required elements when the fertilisation process is to be carried out. If owing to some reasons, the sperms are not getting produced in the required numbers, are not containing the required traits and are not able to move in the direction of the egg, then it becomes impossible for the egg to get fertilized and then the conception process is terminated before it starts.

In that condition, visiting the doctor is highly suggested. The doctor will first of all try to make your condition better with the medicines and the herbs. And in case nothing is working out and there are fewer chances that the quality of the sperm will not get better, then the doctors would suggest sperm donation as the best thing.

In this process, the males with healthy sperm are known as the sperm donors and they are asked to help those who are remaining deprived of the joy of having a baby.

How do they provide sperm? Are they asked to make physical relations with the other male’s wives?

No, No, Indian society is quite ethical and does not recognize such things. The males with healthy sperms are asked to masturbate and are given a special kind of condom or the container in which the ejaculated fluid will be preserved and from which the desired sperms will be taken out.

Does the donor not undergo any kind of screening?

The donor undergoes a special kind of screening test to prove that he is eligible to provide the sperms.

He has to emerge eligible as far as the following credentials are concerned

  • Age

First of all, the age of the donor should not be more than 18 to 34 years.

  • Other tests

To make sure that the donor is healthy, he needs to undergo yet another kind of physical test like the urine test and the blood tests. These tests help the doctor to know if there is any abnormality in the sperms.

  • Semen analysis

The quality of the semen fluid will be evaluated based on three things:

  • Sluggishness
  • Mobility
  • Quantity

Final Comments!

After obtaining the sperms, these will either be directly injected into the eggs or the eggs will be retrieved out from the female’s body and then they will be fertilised with the eggs in the outer atmosphere.

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