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Techniques For Sales Promotion To Increase Your Sales

1. Flash sales and limited-time promotions

While offering substantial discounts is fantastic, adding a strict time limit would pique people’s interest even more.

Our sense of urgency and fear of losing out on wonderful opportunities are appealed to by flash sales. Make your promotion urgently instantaneous with a short window of time in the realm of instant satisfaction. Your deal is only valid for a period of time between 30 days and 24 hours.


But there’s a problem. You must aggressively promote your price reductions using all of your media and influencer connections in order to sell a significant amount of product in under 24 hours.

Examine the Neiman Marcus flash sale campaign. They informed their consumers about their 24-hour sale discounts in this email in September 2018. The marketing strategy is highlighted by their imaginative concept, which advises a girl in bed who is covered by a blanket not to turn over again lest she miss out on deals with discounts as low as 75% off.


If you ask me, it’s simple, humorous, and engaging.

2. Holiday advertising

There is no better time than Christmas to sell your stock and increase your revenue. You get the idea if you take out Christmas and replace it with Halloween, Mother’s Day, Easter, or Valentine’s Day.

If you have a strong marketing strategy, holiday specials are a good bet for significant sales. Everything needs to be taken care of, from the primary message to the graphic design of your advertisements. Remember that everyone is shouting and waving their hands at customers during this time of year, so you need to stand out in some way. Yes, reduce the cost, but give yourself plenty of time to develop a modern campaign. I mean the 21st century when I say that your 360-degree advertising efforts should include a digital strategy. Include email, social media, banner ads, YouTube videos, and pop-up windows on websites.

3. Seasonal advertising

There are four seasons in a year, giving you an additional four chances to start sales campaigns. When you are selling seasonal goods like apparel and shoes, this is crucial. Your spring, summer, fall, and winter collections need to be promoted.

You can also advertise your accessory selections, as Nordstrom did in this campaign. You can’t just put on your clothes as a lady. You must wear jewellery to complete them.

4. Special occasions and advertising

Every year, there are countless events, ranging from music festivals to football championships. Your task is to locate an event that appeals to your target market and utilise it as an excuse to promote your goods. Alternately, you may strike a deal with a prominent athlete or celebrity associated with the event and persuade them to support your company.

One of the most popular shampoo manufacturers in the world, Head & Shoulders, signed an agreement with FC Barcelona’s stars to promote its icy menthol shampoo. What connection exists between the football players and this shampoo? Evidently not. But they assert that this shampoo both prevents and relieves dandruff. Additionally, sweating while exercising or running might result in dandruff. Thus, it can benefit these celebrities’ appearance by keeping their shoulders and scalps clean. Additionally, it can aid those watching these football games in their efforts to combat dandruff, particularly if they too experience this issue after playing football with friends or working out in the gym.

L’Eggo is a different illustration from Kellogg’s. They discovered a great chance to associate this brand (flavoured frozen waffles) with the start of the school year. This frozen waffle is ideal for a quick breakfast before leaving for school because all it requires is a little topping. In order to let kids and parents know that L’Eggo is available to assist them with breakfast once school starts, they developed this campaign before the start of the school year.

5. Discount for first orders

This kind of sales discount is available all year long on your website or in your stores. It encourages individuals to test your items and guarantees a positive brand experience.

Look at the illustration below.

ReForm is a skincare company that sells creams and lotions that are both anti-aging and extremely hydrating. Their goods are not outrageously inexpensive, but they are also not the most affordable cosmetics you can buy at the store. In order to encourage consumers to shop online and try their items, they introduced the “first order discount” sales incentive.


6. Free delivery

When making a purchase from an e-commerce website, one factor is taken into account: the shipping fee.

Even while buying online saves time and is more cost-effective, occasionally we find that the item we ordered cost more than we would have paid for it in a store in the city centre. This is due to the high cost of shipping. You can pay anywhere from $2 to $50, depending on the e-commerce site you shop from (and the nation). It’s a lot, that.

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