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Tips to Negotiate Smartly with Your Delhi Packers and Movers

We have often talked about the moving and packing tips to make your move easier and smoother. But today, we will talk about how to make your move affordable. And this can be done by negotiating for price with your packers and movers in Delhi.

During relocation, people worry about the moving expenses. Everybody wants to relocate safely without spending too much, but packers and movers Delhi charges can be higher. Well, their charges mainly depend on the type of shifting service you need, the volume of your goods, and the distance to be covered. Movers will provide quotes to you, now it depends upon you how you will bargain or negotiate the price with movers.

Packers and movers charges can be high because providing house shifting service in Delhi is not easy. Loads of works and effort are required. But yet you can try to reduce the charges. it’s all about price negotiation. If you think you cannot negotiate for price with your movers and packers then you are mistaken.

You are free to use bargaining skills while hiring Delhi packers and movers. This will help you to relocate at your preferred budget. Here’s what you need to learn to smartly negotiate with your movers and packers.

Find a trusted moving company

The foremost step in the process of hiring movers and packers and negotiating for the price is to first find a reliable moving company. You can search online for the best house transport companies in Delhi. Make a list of all the agencies you find on the list. Browse each company’s website that you have listed out and see what services they deal in. And shortlist the ones that meet your requirements. But do not forget to check the company’s credentials and certification to ensure it’s legitimate. When you will have the list of dependable movers, you can stay relaxed and select any of them to relocate your home.

Get multiple quotes

Now after having the list of reliable moving agencies, you can contact each of them in person. Visit their office and see how they work and who are the team members. Check everything and share all your moving details with them. let them know what you want to move to and where. Then they will provide their quotation. Get moving quotes from all the companies you have shortlisted.

Compare the charges of all these movers and packers in Delhi

As you now have all the companies’ details and quotations on your end, you can simply compare the moving agencies. But, compare them based on their customer reviews, ratings, and services. After this, check their charges. See what packages they are offering and what services are included in the package. Compare Delhi packers and movers charges and then select the one that suits best for your budget.

Now, here comes the actual tips to bargain or price negotiation with your mover.

You have multiple quotes from different moving companies. So, now you can meet the moving company’s executive in person. Let them know what other deals you are getting in the market. Most companies lower the prices to compete with the competitors. They want business at any cost. As a result, they lower the charges and offer good deals to the customers so that they will not lose them.

You can take advantage of this situation and ask your mover to lower the price. Usually, a company offers a 10% discount to customers. But when they see they are losing their customers due to higher rates, they further lower the charges to some extent to match the customer’s suitability.

So, this is the time when you can start preparing yourself for negotiating with your mover. Or, if you will relocate during the off-season then also you can customize the service and negotiate charges. But, even the most skilled people cannot bargain with Delhi packers and movers. You will have to put extra effort and use extraordinary bargaining skills to lower the moving charges. Besides, if you will be flexible with movers and packers timing then the movers can lower the prices.

Other Ways to Negotiate With Packers and Movers Delhi

Reduce the weight of your goods

The weight of your belongings is the primary factor that affects packers and movers Delhi charges. Check if all the goods are necessary to relocate and if not discard the unwanted ones and reduce the charges.

Avail partial moving services

If you think you cannot afford full-service packers and movers in Delhi then avail of only partial shifting services. Higher movers are only for packing your belongings or only for transportation.

Choose a flexible date

If you can select the moving date on the availability of the movers then movers can surely reduce their price.

Avoid value-added services

When you are moving with movers then they will charge extra for services like unpacking, handling special items, etc. Additional services are negotiable. If you don’t need them then you can avoid using extra services.

Move during off-season

One of the best ways to reduce the moving cost is to relocate during the off-season. When movers have no busy schedules then they offer discounted packages. You can take advantage of this situation and book them at an affordable price. And, you can also negotiate for price with them taking advantage of moving in the off-peak season.


In order to lower the moving fees or packers and movers Delhi charges, we often choose the wrong moving agency and later regret it. Never hire an unknown moving agency. Count on reliable online portals to select a dependable moving company for your move. At least there’s a surety you will get reputed and trustworthy movers. So, keep the charges secondary and focus on the quality of the services a moving company offers.

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