Top 10 Things Couples Should Know Before the Bridal Ceremony

The idea of getting married is such a fascinating topic for the couple if they are about to tie the knot. If you are joining the trend of getting married for the upcoming months, make sure that you know the 10 most important things each couple should know before their wedding. So that later you do not need any couples counseling.

(1) The first on the list is the outstanding debt. It is important to discuss financial matters because as husband and wife, you will be paying for it. If you have loaned a huge amount of cash from the bank just to stage a wedding then it is a bad way to get married.

(2) The second thing to know is the location of the settlement. Most couples would usually fight over this but it is important where to settle down, whether in the countryside or in the urban area. Usually, couples are choosing to settle down in a place where they are both working.

(3) The third matter is about having children. The question is if you want them or not. If you want to have one someday, it is important to know how many so the family will be well planned and executed. If both of you are not open to natural birth then there is also an alternative, adoption.

(4) Religion is another factor that affects marriage. Before you tie the knot, determine which religion you should be following. Sometimes, this could be the cause of separation. And if you will have kids in the future, decide which religion they should be raised in. If you are not particular about the religion then it is much better.

(5) When you get married, it is important that you will have a place to stay. Discuss with your partner which type of home you are comfortable living in. Is it a condo? Apartment? Beach house? It is important to discuss your dream home so you could save for it in advance. It is always good to raise kids inside your own home.

(6) The next thing to discuss is how to settle the bills. There are cases wherein the husband is assigned to a certain type of billing while the wife takes care of others. Bill sharing is an important matter to be discussed so that there will be no issues “who pays for which”.

(7) Household roles are also important. One of the causes of divorce is that the wife is left at home jobless while the husband works. If the wife wants to work then the husband might consider it as well. It should be agreed upon mutually so conflicts will not arise.

(8) As a leading wedding planner from says,  sharing beds with your partner might be an issue as well. Since you are husband and wife, it is expected that you sleep in one bed. You should agree with which mattress to use, hard or soft.

(9) Obligations with the family are also a valuable matter. If you are the husband or wife is working, they should have time with the kids as well.

(10) As a family, it is important that you take holidays and vacations together. A strong foundation of marriage is tested when the husband and wife are both busy until they realize it is already too late.

Are you planning to tie the knot? If yes then you should start pondering about these 10 most important things each couple should know before their wedding.

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