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Website Development – Should You Do It By Your Own?

Website development and Mobile applications development are some of the fastest-growing industries despite the economic downturn. This is not a surprise when you consider the number of businesses that are still losing money every day through not having any kind of web presence.

Even many of those who do have a web presence is not able to drive enough traffic to their website to make it worthwhile. Basic website construction is a relatively easy subject to learn, so if you are on a low budget there is no reason why you should not build your own site.

If yours is simply a personal website designed to publicize your own life and interests, you will probably consider the time you spend building it as part of your leisure hours anyway. You will be far more prepared to spend time learning web design techniques and getting everything right than a business owner would be. Consider, though, that you don’t actually need your own site to have a presence on the web.

There are now so many third-party sites that will allow you to post your content that you can build up a sizable network at no expense.

The most common type of site that a website developer is asked to build is the simple brochure website for a small business. These sites are typically easy to produce, as the template for each page is usually the same. Make sure you shop around for prices, as these can vary wildly from one developer to the next.

Many designers concentrate too much on graphics when it is the content that really sells a business. It is a good idea to supply at least some of the content yourself because you will know your industry better than the designer.

Most aspects of website development can actually be carried out by the individual wanting the site if they are prepared to learn a few basic skills and techniques. The one exception to this is if you are going to need an integrated shopping cart. 

If you plan to sell your goods from the web page itself, you will need professional shopping cart software. While it is technically possible to learn any web development skill, the scripts needed for this are too advanced to make it practical. Get a shopping cart built by a professional.

It is important to remember that website development doesn’t really stop when the site is built and uploaded to the server. This is only really the start, as you need to work on driving traffic to the site. 

This needs to be considered by the website developer at the start because the content can then be optimized for the search engines. Obvious beginner mistakes such as using images to hold your content can be avoided. It is important that your starting plan should cover all aspects of website development.

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