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What is a Dry Hit Vape? Tips to Avoid Burnt Vape Taste

Heavy smokers are used to getting a throat hit. When tobacco is burnt in cigarettes, it gives you a harsh throat hit and a strong tobacco flavour and many smokers like this. But some people prefer a smooth experience without a throat hit.

Disposable Vape Kits like Randm tornado 7000, Randm tornado 8000 uk allow you to enjoy a similar experience to smoking without feeling strong throat hits. Experienced vapers know their device and when to change the coil or disposable vape kit to get the best flavour and optimum amount of vapours.

Newbies who switched from smoking recently can experience a dry hit if they are not careful. It can be an awful experience when you get no flavour, but instead, a harsh throat hit. This can cause irritation in your throat.

Dry Hits can repel people from vaping, especially those who newly switched to vaping from smoking. You can avoid it if you are mindful of just a few things. This blog will briefly discuss all the scenarios you need to know to get a smooth and good vaping experience.

What Causes Dry Hits?

Dry hits are caused when you ignore the signs that lead to them. You can get a dry hit when you:

  • Do not prime the coil properly
  • Vape on an empty tank
  • Start chain vaping
  • Use high wattage levels
  • Use harsh flavours that lead to the burning of your vape coil
  • Lack of proper maintenance of your disposable vape kit

How to Avoid Dry Hit:

A dry hit can be avoided if you:

  • Change your coil when it starts giving a burnt taste, or replace your disposable vape device when the coil is burnt
  • Do not maintain high wattage levels for extended periods
  • Use e-liquids that are less dense to avoid clogging your wick
  • Properly maintain your coil
  • Prime the coil properly
  • Avoid chain vaping
  • Refill your tank when e-liquid is completely used up

Changing the Coil:

You should change the coil when it is burnt out. You can feel the need to change your coil when your coil:

  • Starts producing less vapour
  • Delivers less flavour than before
  • Fails to produce large clouds

In the case of disposable vape kits like R and M paradise, you cannot replace coils, and you will need to change your vape kit instead.

High Wattage Levels:

Using high wattage levels can let you enjoy warm and more vapours with bigger clouds, ideal for vape tricks. But using high wattage levels for a long time can burn your coil at a faster rate. It also gives you more throat hits.


So, to avoid getting a burnt taste and a harsh throat hit, you just need to decrease your wattage level and keep it at an optimum level. Even if you want to use higher wattages, you should reduce the level after some time to keep your coil safe.

Chain Vaping:

When you start vaping without gaps and take puffs after puffs, it uses more power from the battery. If you keep this up for a long time, you can burn your coil quickly. You should avoid chain vaping and give a few seconds gap between each puff so that your coil remains safe and you do not feel a harsh throat hit.

Vaping on an Empty Tank:

When your vape tank gets empty, you need to refill it or change your disposable vape kit. If you vape on an empty tank, it can burn the coil and wick and get a burnt taste. Pay attention to your e-liquid levels while vaping and refill it when the tank gets empty.

Having a little knowledge about your vape device can help you enjoy a pleasant vaping experience. Hopefully, this blog provided you with helpful tips to avoid dry hits. Knowing a few things about your disposable vape kit or reusable vape device is not that difficult. It will just lead to a smooth vaping experience and buy from best Online vape shop in the UK.

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