Which Hair Transplantation Approach Is Result-Oriented?

No sooner than the individual touches 35 years of age, experiencing hair loss emerges as the greatest age-related change. Don’t you believe the same? What more annoying can you experience other than those mockings of “OMG! Your age is progressing. Is that the reason that you are losing your hair?”

But with the advent of the hair transplant, the people of Vizag are taking the maximum benefit of the same.

One bonus point is that you do not have to pay more as far as the hair transplant cost is concerned. A very minimal amount is charged.

Which is the best hair transplant method for you?

There are so many hair transplant procedures that can help you to overcome your bald stage. But the question here arises, which is the best hair transplantation technique.

There are three kinds of hair transplant procedures:

  • FUT
  • FUE
  • Bio FUE

The procedure which will suit you the most and will help out to bring the desired results depends upon your medical condition and the status of your donor site.

What if I am willing to undergo only the hair transplantation procedure?

If you are willing to undergo only the hair transplantation procedure, then the doctor will, first of all, ensure if your donor sites of the scalp are having the right amount of hair follicles. If they are not having so, then the other hairy areas of the body are assessed to find out if the hair are having the necessary characteristics to get transplanted to the recipient area or not.

Do the hair of some other person not be used for the transplantation?

No, it is the prerequisite that the hair follicles which are to be transplanted must have the same DNA as that of the donor area. So here, we have to disappoint you since the hair transplantation procedure with the hair of some other person can not be accomplished.

What if I have already undergone the hair transplantation procedure?

If you have earlier undergone the hair transplantation procedure which did not at all come out to be successful, then you can opt up for re-appearing for the procedure. But here, the chances for you to emerge as a successful candidate comes out to be lowered as your donor hair may get reduced in number. But still, doctors and doctors, try to somehow figure out the middle way for the same.

What happens in the Bio FUE procedure?

This procedure requires the extraction of blood from the arm of the individuals. That blood will then get evaluated in the lab to find out if it is having the required amount of PRP cells. These are the regenerative cells that stimulate the scalp for producing the hair follicles for giving a fuller look to the scalp.

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