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Why We Visit to Aanantham Hotel in Dalhousie

If you are going to plan to visit for the best Hotel in Dalhousie, then here is a exceptional alternative Resort in Dalhousie wherein you can choose to live for a snug and remarkable vacation:

A Ride to Dalhousie takes you to a town with a totally old-global charm. The tiny tinsel town is tucked away in Himachal Pradesh and Guarantees paradise for all forms of travellers. With pine-clad valleys and excellent mountains, Dalhousie offers some of the most appealing views ever.  If you’re making plans to go to this mountain paradise in your subsequent vacation, it’d be proper to undergo the exceptional motel in Dalhousie earlier than you are making your bookings.

You can look for inns in Dalhousie with a Large parking area  or one that offers a homely surroundings or perhaps one that offers luxury; there are some hidden gems in Dalhousie, Himachal that you could ee-e book your stay. 

There are a Few Famous Facility are Provided by Aanantham Resorts We Can Visit

Our Facilities

  • Pick Up & Drop Facility


  • Open Area Restaurant

  • Parking Facility

  • Sightseeing

  • Trekking and Hiking

  • Paragliding

  •  Kids Play Area


  • Pick Up & Drop Facility

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services: The largest last-mile demanding situations dealing with the logistics enterprise are: failed deliveries and neglected deliveries. Mostly we cowl all excursion offerings like  Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services & additionally Food. Anantham Resorts  includes  luxurious rooms in Khajjiar additionally. For extra element Visit our website

  • Sightseeing

At Aanantham Resorts we now no longer maximum efficiently take care of your engagements withinside the direction of your lifestyles at our resort, but moreover make sure that your sightseeing At Dalhousie becomes a memorable revel in your holiday! 

Aanantham country resort have another one of the best services which is called Sightseeing.  Buy Sightseeing you can see many beautiful views and adventure places. There are lots of beautiful Sightseeing places. Who will attract you? After visiting here you can memorable your vacation with limited cost.

Indicate  after the seven springs flowing from the mountains of Himachal, the Satdhara falls provide a tranquil retreat far from the hustle-bustle of town life. Surrounded through inexperienced pine and deodar timber, travellers can experience a heart-warming picnic overlooking the impressive falls. Around Mid-March, the climate is right for sightseeing and you may enjoy herbal splendour at its quality. From Satdhara falls, you may even trek as much as Panchpula to have an entire day journey.  Following are some of the brilliant vacationer webweb sites in Dalhousie which we’re capable of installation on the way to go to:

  • Trekking and Hiking

Dalhousie and its surrounding areas are famous for its Trekking and Hiking adventures. Special group tours are organised for trekking. 

Trekking is a laugh in summers as you’ll get to enjoy the magic of mom nature and feature a terrific time exploring the nearby regions of the area. 

Trekking makes one revel in being near nature. Do preserve in thoughts that hiking alternatives in Dalhousie vary from day journeys to week-extended hikes. In case you pick out an extended trek, you may revel in your life in camps and have interaction with the locals. Depending on your hiking path, you may get in contact with any organiser who has love in that place and kick-start your journey. You can also furthermore select from the subsequent circuits:

Trekking and trekking are each journey sports activities that may be achieved in one of a kind areas of Chamba. Book your stay in The Aanantham Resort Dalhousie to have a terrific time!


  • Open Area Restaurant

Aanantham Resort  has a huge open place Restaurant extra than some other Resort for our traffic you may take all of the centres of the open place Restaurant. Which is a great facility for our upcoming traffic.


  • Parking Facility

Our transportation infrastructure relies upon parking. Large locations provide floor plenty, streets in the front of shops offer parking on the curb, and downtowns are dotted with multi-tale parking centres. Aanantham Country Resort brings you the great Parking Facility for holidays, such as sightseeing & scrumptious meals offerings in Chamba.We Provide the great Services at affordable fees that may make your ride unforgettable.


  • Paragliding

The maximum not unusual place but famous pastime is paragliding. Surfing alongside the majestic mountains and blue sky is something you absolutely won’t need to miss. It is certainly a hard journey pastime however it is a laugh to bask in paragliding.

Dalhousie can be a tremendous area to revel in plenty of adventure sports activities, which includes paragliding, Horse Riding. The paragliding spots ofDalhousie place unit located slightly away from the primary town centre, in the path of the outskirts. Paragliding in Dalhousie can be an interesting pleasure, flying over acres of lush leafage, valleys, and streams that appear to spread underneath your feet. it is pretty low-fee and a really steady hobby to love, consequently assure which you are doing. Nothing plenty will ever fit the laugh of bouncing off of a formation, and presently no longer falling, however flying. Take this jump at the same time as you are in Dalhousie.

If you’re new to this pastime, you could have a few apprehensions. But do attempt it to enjoy the magic of paragliding. Dalhousie  is a really perfect area to do that pastime alongside your pals and own circle of relatives. 


  •   Kids Play Area

Looking out for what you are able to do with kids and your very circle of relatives in Khajjiar? Here are the topics that you need to understand now, no longer limited to a circle of relatives holidaying with kids, toddlers, or babies. Discover the final locations for kids in Manali, be it water parks, venture parks, or playgrounds. Children have to have a laugh, study new topics, get top meals and could no longer lose interest in extended queues. Keep analysing to understand approximately tremendous locations and sports activities to revel in together along with your kids in Khajjiar.

Plan a fantastic circle of relatives to move for a holiday with the free variety you’re looking for without lacking a laugh!


 Best Hotel in Dalhousie with Beautiful views, and a memorable destination. So now no longer leave out the activities at the same time as you go to accommodations in Himachal pradesh for a holiday.

If you want to get further valuable information about Aanantham Country Resort then you can visit our official website:


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