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Do you find essay writing a challenging task? If yes, then here is a step-by-step procedure that will help you write a perfect essay.

Essay writing is a common task that teachers mostly assign to students as an assessment. The purpose of this assignment is to assess the creativity and writing style of students. Students find this task boring and dry, and sometimes fail to write an impressive essay that satisfies the teacher’s requirements.

Whether you are writing an essay for an assignment or an essay writing competition, you should know the basic method required while writing an essay.

If you find essay writing a complicated task, then decomposing it into several steps will ease your task and help you draft an impressive essay. Even the top-notch essay writers providing online services related to essay writing Dubai use these steps to provide you with the best-written essays.  

In this article, 6 steps to writing a short essay are listed and elaborated in detail.

These steps are typically generic and can be used to write any type of essay. No matter for what purpose you are writing an essay, follow these easy steps and write a masterpiece.


1-     Decide and understand the topic clearly


The first and foremost step in writing an essay is to decide and understand the topic. If you are not provided with any topic, then choosing a topic demands your keen attention.

The topic of the essay can be anything i.e. it can be related to a social issue, an official matter, a great leader, or any sensitive subject. If you have a choice, identify, and choose the topic from the category in which you can give your best.

However, if you are already assigned the topic of the essay, then make sure that you are crystal clear about it. Understand the topic and try your best to stick to it while following the next five steps.

The biggest blunder that most writers encounter while writing an essay is that they fail to understand the topic and derail from the right track while writing an essay.

2-     Research and brainstorm ideas about the topic to gather information


Once you are clear on the topic, the next step is to gather information. In this step, you need to do a lot of research as the more you research, the more content you will have to write.

Gather information related to the topic and note it down. Also, brainstorm to add some innovative thoughts and ideas to your essay that will make it distinctive and superior to others.

Also, you need to research and identify the audience requirements i.e., who is going to read your essay, what the reader expects and demands from your essay, etc.

3-     Organize the information and content you have gathered


The most important element in essay writing is that the content in your essay should be well organized. Roughly organize the order of your content. Analyze the researched information and ponder well about which piece of information to put in the introduction and which content is best suited for the main body.

In this step, an outline is a helpful tool that makes the task easier. Outline your essay and classify the content according to the outline.

4-     Write Introduction

Start writing your essay with an outstanding introduction paragraph. Your introduction paragraph should be written carefully, and the following points should be kept in mind while writing the introductory paragraph of your essay.

  • It should be short and accurate. i.e., not more than 3 to 4 sentences.
  • It should have an interesting statement that initiates the discussion. This statement should make the reader curious and provoke him to read further.

5-     Write the main body and conclusion

Once you have followed the above steps, this step will not give you a tough time. As you have already organized and outlined the content, you just need to make proper statements, structure the sentences, and write them in your essay body.

This step demands your grammar and writing skills to be strong, as your essay should be free of any spelling and grammatical errors. 

While writing the conclusion of your essay, try to summarize the whole essay in one or two statements. The conclusion should repeat or restate the title or introduction sentence to assure that required information has been delivered and the milestone of writing the essay has been achieved.

6-     Proofread and edit your essay

 The final step you need to follow is to proofread your essay. While you are proofreading your essay, follow the points listed below.

  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • If any sentence or paragraph sounds irrelevant, omit it from the essay. Any irrelevant information should not be part of your essay.
  • Check for typing errors.
  • Make sure that every sentence of your essay is in support of the other. No two statements should contradict the points mentioned in the essay.

These were the 6 steps to writing a short essay. Now you can write a brilliant essay with comfort and ease even if you have never written it before and you are just a beginner. 

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