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Corby Taxi | Seek Out London’s Best Art Attractions

It has a rich and varied art history, London being home at times or in another for every artist From Turner and Whistler, Rossetti to Holman-Hunt and Holbein to (yes the legendary) van Gogh, the UK capital’s rich heritage for the finest arts as well as the rest of every area of the arts is undeniably there. For the discerning it’s one of the most sought-after destinations in the world to visit, be amazed by, and be engrossed in some of the finest art and works (of various kinds) everywhere in the world.

Where do you begin? There’s a lot to do and see – surely in a limited period of time (especially in the case of the time-bound stay of, for instance, a hotel Piccadilly London, and, as a result using smartly hotel rewards programs, such as an elite hotel membership) What should you do to make time for? Don’t fret we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the city’s most art treasures that you should take advantage of right today…

Tate Modern

(Bankside SE1/open from 10 am to 6 pm every day, and 10 am to 10 pm Friday through Saturday/ closest Tube stations are: Blackfriars, Mansion House and Southwark)

With a brand new tower block-style building, The Boiler House, the amazing, monolithic-brutalist-style building that is the Tate Modern is bigger and more impressive than ever. The most affluent contemporary art gallery in Europe It’s also one of the top Corby Taxi in the UK and, after you’ve had a thorough review, you’ll be able to understand the reasons. The collection of permanent exhibits (featuring the fascinating, mind-blowing work of famous artists and those that aren’t famous) are completely free and fantastic as a whole, however, the seasonal exhibitions draw in the crowds and draw attention and some are even controversial. The best part is when it provokes people despite its acclaim and cozy environment The Tate is able to be a challenger with aplomb, which is to its credit.

Design Museum

Inspiring, captivating, and sophisticated, a place of beauty, which contains indeed, many aspects of beauty and elegance, the Design Museum in the suitably lush surroundings of Kensington is among the most coveted London attractions for people who love clean forms and clean visuals. The upper floors are the place to see permanent exhibits, for which you don’t need to pay any money – and at least once a month, it is open until 8 pm.

National Portrait Gallery

(St. Martin’s Street WC2H0HE/ open hours: 10 am-6 pm, Saturday and Sunday; 10 am-9 pm Thursday through Friday. Nearest Tube station: Charing Cross, Embankment and Leicester Square)

An amazing mix of history and art This venue – that, in the past, sort of began as a venue that was a sister to its larger, more prestigious sister, Trafalgar Square but then long ago, it was able to stand as a stand-alone venue is where portraiture of the famous, wealthy and irresistibly important is utilized to tell the story of England (and eventually Britain and, naturally, Britain) throughout the period from the middle ages until the present. You’ll see masterpieces from Holbein, among others from Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Shakespeare as well as portraits by the Victorian giants Gladstone, Disraeli, Dickens, and Darwin as well as a variety of photographs of all kinds of people from the Duchess of Coventry Taxis to the legendary Judi Dench. It is important to note that late-night openings on Friday and Thursday evenings are accompanied by workshops as well as lively live music.


(Silk Street (EC2Y 8DS/open: 9 am-11 pm Monday through Saturday; 11 am-11 pm Sunday/ closest Tube stations are Barbican as well as Moorgate)

An extremely unique place that, even though it’s blessed with everything you can think of in the realm of arts, still manages to have its own modern, cool look. This multi-attraction center that is housed in a stunning building of late 20th Century grey concrete is among the top places in the city to view the top contemporary art, photography, and architecture. But it’s not the only thing and it’s also house to an excellent restaurant or two cinemas, as well as performance spaces which host performances that range from Shakespeare to contemporary drama and ballet to opera.

CLF Art Cafe

(Bussey Building (Bussey Building Rye Lane SE15 4ST/open: all hours, Monday through Sunday. The nearest train station is Peckham Rye)

A bit far in the woods it could be however if you’re staying in a central location (like perhaps any of the Piccadilly London West End hotels or perhaps this Park Grand London’s Kensington Rewards scheme) This venue is worth the drive Don’t think twice about it. Why? because it’s a lively, off-kilter sanctuary for creative productions, always hosting experimental theatre as well as a frolicsome cabaret, thrilling art-based workshops, and amazing music events. It even has one of the best Rugby Taxi London bars, the Frank’s Bar, or, at a minimum, its main location in that is, the Bussey Building, on the upper floor.

SCP East

It’s not enough to just go to a design-oriented London location to view gorgeous and beautiful pieces of art instead of going inside the space and purchasing some? It is located near the Barbican area, which is in the vibrant, breathing heart of everything fashionable of London (that means, Shoreditch) – this store’s offerings focus on simple design and neutral colors with brushed concrete and stunning fashionable home decor items. Glorious.


(52 Lamb’s Conduit Street WC1N 3LL/ open from 11 am to 7 pm Monday-Friday, 11 am-6 pm Saturday, and 12noon-5 pm on Sundays. Nearest Tube station: Chancery Lane, Holborn, and Russell Square)

The place is a fun combination of an art gallery as well as an arty-design product outlet. Indeed, playful is the word is used because everything that can be discovered within its walls will be fun, and lighthearted design. You’ll also see playful textiles, fancy but fun homeware, and amazing artwork.

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