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How many cars can you have in Greenville Roblox?

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How many cars can you have in Greenville RobloxDriving game lovers are going mad over this game.

Greenville is the trending name overall games available on the Roblox platform. It has a lot of exciting range of cars and vehicles, and this game has a number of surprises within itself. Here we focus on all available names of cars and how many cars are available on this platform.

Though our main focus will ne how many cars can anyone have. Apart from all of that, we also share some crazy facts about Greenville. We conducted a deep research on this game, gathered crucial information, and presented it here to clear your vision about this game.

What is Greenville?

Greenville Roblox rule 34 is a driving game around the whole city. You can also mark this game as a role-playing game, and the name of the city is Wisconsin. Around the Wisconsin, you need to drive your respective cars and try to earn money.

Meanwhile, you need to complete some tasks in this game and earn money from them. Apart from that, you need to earn money and spend it in a good manner or in a smart manner as a great investment where you can make money. 

The winner status on this game depends on how much you can earn and how many cars you have in your under. The number of money and the model and number of cars decide your status in the game and take you a step ahead to win the game.

What kind of cars is available in the game?

You can find the number of cars available in the game 

we mentioned the respective kind of cars that are available in the game below for your understanding,

  • SUVs
  • Truck
  • Sedans
  • Small cars
  • Sports car

Now, we are revealing the top names of the car models, which will help you know the game more clearly, we mentioned 58 top models which are the most famous one in the game. Please go thoroug it carefully.

  1. 2023 celestial type 1
  2. Bkm regen 2020
  3. 2021 avantismo
  4. 2021 overland combatants 
  5. 1965 Pontiac GTO
  6. 1992 Falcon C-Series Fire Truck
  7. 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix
  8. 2001 Toyota Avalon
  9. 2002 Toyota Matrix

10.2006 Saturn Ion Red Line

11.2009 International 3800 School Bus

12.2010 Chevrolet Aveo

13.2013 Chevrolet Sonic

14.2014 Kenworth T680

15.2015 Century CT200h

16.2022 Avantismo Anodic GT

17.2019 AvantismoBratisPrestiege

18.2021 AvantismoBratis

19.2021 AvantismoBratis RS

20.2018 Avantismo Ingolstadt

21.2022 Avantismo Ingolstadt RS Sedan

22.2022 Avantismo Ingolstadt RS Sportback

23.2022 Avantismo Ingolstadt Sedan

24.2022 Avantismo Ingolstadt Sportback

25.2016 AvantismoLeMans

26.2018 AvantismoLeMans Coupe

27.2017 Avantismo S5

28.2006 AvantismoSulm

29.2019 Barchetta Chute

30.2015 BellcoSixtySix

31.2006 BITSY Classic

32.2019 BKM Dingolfing Coupé

33.2021 BKM Donner M

34.2018 Century Active

35.2020 Celestial Type-7

36.2021 Celestial Type-6

37.2018 Celestial Type-4

38.2020 Celestial Type-1

39.2008 Celestial Type-1

40.2023 Celestial FCT

41.2007 Caline C281

42.2021 BullHorn Prancer WSP

43.2003 Brawnson Boxy 1500

44.2018 Brawnson Noble

45.2008 BullHorn Prancer WSP

46.2007 Brawnson Baxter

47.2020 BKM Zoom

48.2018 BKM Olympia

49.2020 BKM Leipzig

50.2005 BKM Munich

51.2018 BKM Munich

52.2021 BKM Hofmeister

53.2008 BKM Hofmeister

54.2002 BKM Gottfrieding

55.2019 BKM Dingolfing Coupé

56.2022 Avantismo Ingolstadt RS Sedan

How many cars can you have in Greenville Roblox? 

Now, it is time to answer the main question. You can choose a car from the extensive range of 400 plus cars. There is also the new addition of fifty-three brand new cars and twelve new features in this new year.

According to your money and coin balance, you can buy any car at any time. There are no restrictions on it. Every time you buy a car, your account balance gets cut according to the price ranges, and you can access the up-gradation smoothly.


Hopefully, the main scenario is clear in front of your eyes. There is no major restriction. You can choose your favorite car anytime if you have a sufficient balance on your account.

If you have any queries or want to share your experiences with us, leave a comment on the comment section and let us know about your views.


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