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How To Get Robux From Microsoft

How To Get Robux From Microsoft

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Since its release in 2006, Roblox now has more than 164 million players worldwide. Its popularity amongst younger generations has soared, and the game has become a staple in kid’s games. This growth went further up in the last two years because of the pandemic.

There exists a massive online community in support of the game. People use the game engine to create and present. Thus, the developers added a currency to make in-game transactions possible. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about it and how you can get it from Microsoft.

What is Robux?

Like many other games, there’s a premium Roblox membership that offers additional benefits to its users. Upon buying, you receive access to features such as trading, buying, and selling items. The game gives you a monthly deposit of Robux if you are a premium member. Bibox worlds first AI digital trading platform. Your creations generate Robux, and for premium members, there’s an increase in revenue shares. 

Robux is a highly valuable currency for the players because it lets them create games with extended customization. A premium member can buy avatar accessories and exclusive items with it. However, you can purchase it at the official website as a normal user. 

There are various plans to buy it as a normal user, but they are very expensive. It is generally a smarter decision to buy a premium membership.

How to subscribe to Roblox Premium?

Firstly, make an account on Roblox Redeem. Once you have an account, you can purchase a specified amount of the currency or get a premium membership. The ‘Go Premium’ option takes users to the payment page to complete the transaction.

There are various options/plans available to buy a monthly deposit of Robux. The $4.99/month will bring you a deposit of 450 every month. The $9.99 plan gets 1000 per month, while the $19.99 gets you a deposit of 2200 Robux.

Here’s why you should buy Roblox Premium:

  • Get monthly Robux deposits after subscribing.
  • Upon purchasing in-game currency, you get a 10% extra every time.
  • You get access to trade items again.
  • Access to exclusive discounts on avatar shops and items.
  • More creative control with added premium benefits.

Why can’t I get Robux for free?

We admit it is difficult to obtain free Robux these days. Upon its introduction, many users started to obtain Robux by second-hand means. They’d get it by trading items or selling them and never had to pay for it. This loophole was technically piracy of a game’s contents. 

When users wouldn’t pay for the currency and pirate it, the developers would incur a loss. The same applies to Roblox Corporation. If they go into loss, they have to take measures against it. 

Since users were getting free Robux at the company’s expense, the developers revoked selling privileges for non-premium users. This move essentially prohibited normal users from getting free currency. Banning Robux for free was a smart choice since it stopped most ways to get the currency for free.

Dangers of trying to get free Roblox currency

It is a fact that most Roblox players are young kids, and they are susceptible to scammers. Many scammers coerce players into sending personal information or financial details. After this, they proceed to steal money and disappear under anonymity.

Many scams are working around giving out free Robux. Players can even receive malware or viruses from these sources. The virus/malware is programmed to steal data and important documents from your desktop and deliver it to the scammer. Thus, one must be very careful when searching for free sources online.

What are Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft Redeem Code is an online program from Microsoft that rewards users based on usage. You can get free points for searching on and using the official store to buy apps or items online. All you have to do to join is to sign up on Microsoft. However, you do not have to be a first-time user of the service.

Some of these reward points go towards Roblox digital codes. You can use these to redeem free currency for yourself. One of the advantages of using this system is that the program is free for all. It is, however, limited to US users only. 

How do I get Robux from Microsoft Rewards?

Firstly, you will need to sign up for Microsoft Rewards as a member. Then, earn points through shopping, using the Microsoft browser, completing quests and daily activities on the program. Once you have enough points, go to the Redeem Page and choose the Roblox Digital Code option.

Now, purchase the gift card you want to, and you will receive it as an e-mail. You can redeem the codes and get the amount by going to the site and redeeming Roblox Digital Codes. Once you enter the PIN from your mail, you will receive your Robux.

There are various options available on the site. For 1500 points, you can get a 100 Robux. The cost doubles in proportion for every plan. While it is expensive, it is one of the only ways to get free currency. The highest price is sixteen thousand points, for which you get a total of one thousand Robux.

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