Offbeat Places to Explore in Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Explore in Jaipur

We all know how wonderfully popular Jaipur as a tourist attraction is. Thousands of people visit this beautiful city every year, and it’s no exaggeration to say that you can’t fully enjoy it. Here are listed some offbeat places to explore in Jaipur sightseeing tour packages.

Places to Explore in Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

The city is full of its culture, food, forts, palaces, lakes and especially heritage. There are lots of great places and great stories. Due to the insane popularity of Jaipur, most of its tourist destinations are popular all over the world, but what if there are still some unexplored places in this wonderful city? A place that is still hidden from the mainstream tourist attractions. You can find so many beautiful places to visit in Jaipur but here are some offbeat places to explore in your trip Jaipur.

Exciting and Quirky Places to Explore in Jaipur

So, if you like exploring quirky and lesser-known places, here are some underrated places to explore in Jaipur.

Lake Chandlai

This is one of the best quirky places in Jaipur. Located on Tonk Road on the Kota Jaipur Highway, this beautiful lake is hidden from mainstream tourist destinations. The calm sunset view of this place is really fascinating. You can spend hours in this isolated beauty while enjoying the peace of nature and the breathtaking scenery. The lake is also blessed with the beauty of migratory birds visiting here in winter. Here you can easily find flamingos in the winter months. Obviously a great place to visit on weekends, but also a great place to visit in the monsoon on a beautiful rainy day. The experience at Jaipur is completely different.

Chulgiri Jain Temple

Made of white marble and surrounded by the Aravalli Range, this tranquil Jain temple is one of the quirky places to visit in Jaipur. Located on the Delhi Agra Highway, this location is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and is in a very quiet environment. The Churgiri Temple is located on the top of an alpine mountain, so there is also adventure trekking. If you like adventure, you can enjoy this place. The temple is also located on the border of the Jarana Forest Safari, so the forest around it is home to many leopards and wildlife.

We recommend climbing the stairs to visit the temple. The temple has its own charm with quiet and gorgeous mountain views. It gives you a moment of peace and you can spend hours here just to love its beauty.

Jalana Safari Park

Everyone knows about lantern balls and their national parks, but did you know that you can have a similar experience in Jaipur? Jalana Safari Park is India’s first leopard sanctuary in Jaipur. Surrounded by the luscious Alabari hills, Jalana became a leopard sanctuary in 2017. This huge reserve, which covers an area of ​​20 square kilometers, is currently home to 30 leopards and 5 turnips. If you are a wildlife lover, this is the best place to see leopards in India. The best time to visit this city is between November and April. Recently, it’s become a bit more popular because of the amazing photos taken by wildlife photographers from this safari.


Abaneri is a historic town about 95 Kilometers away from the city. Well, I agree that this place is quite far from the rest of the list, but it’s worth a visit, especially if you’re planning something on the weekends. Abaneri is known for its ancient and historic stepwells. There is one of India’s largest and deepest stepwells, the most popular Chand Baori.

This step well is so deep that it’s definitely a breathtaking view. It has about 3500 stairs and is 13 stories high. These stepwells have a history of being used to save water to solve the drought problem in ancient Rajasthan. Today, it’s a great place to take really creative, adventurous and rustic Instagram photos.

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