Post-Pandemic Technology Trends. It’s Time To Identify The Friends & the Enemies

The pandemic has made the great technology shine and the worst ones angry. No, matters will not worsen earlier than they get better. No longer this time. A few technology will assist us, however some can kill us; and a few will simply patiently wait to help or harm us relying upon how things shake out. The social and political context has in no way earlier than described the future of digital era so powerfully. It’s far, in reality, impossible to split the generation from its social or political pals. Era is no longer just about making a living.

All and sundry likes to write about technology. In 2020, there were lots of tales approximately the function that technology performed – and could play – during and after the pandemic. I grabbed one of the better ones and determined to provide some thoughts about how nicely or badly some of these technology fared and will fare as we slowly emerge from the pandemic.

One properly list camenet. Here are his thoughts — and my reactions. (the rates are cheng’s; the commentary is mine.)

“20. Foldables continued to be a thing.”

However they won’t be for long.. Bendy displays … now with a view to be a issue.

“19. Apple’s m1 shift.”

Is big and opens new product possibilities. Apple – like tesla – likes to go it alone and it generally can pay off. Till it doesn’t (until the m2, and so forth.) the move to layout and manipulate its very own chips is a smart strategic pass. This gives apple a clean runway integrating characteristic with shipping.

“18. Elon musk gets richer as evs leap.”

All comprehensible. Tesla turned into the first worldwide ev enterprise at the block. But now not anymore – and in no way once more. The range of ev competitors is exploding. Musk will remain very rich but nobody business enterprise can manipulate era — advertisements tough because it tries and with as much help as it can get from the federal government as it could. Musk will probably – but not too openly – shift a few interest from tesla to his other corporations. He likely additionally learned his submit-pandemic cryptocurrency lesson in 2021 — but we’ll see.

“17. 5g gets actual (thanks to apple).”

The deployment of 5g is choppy at high-quality. It’s as a good deal a promise as a reality even into 2021. However the rollout will manifest as an increasing number of forces align, which include the biden infrastructure concept, should it pass with its broadband provisions. Apple and others will help with the deployment of 5g capabilities, but ultimately all and sundry is based at the carriers. There are a few new markets that 5g will actually, positively enable. One of them is the augmented and virtual fact marketplace wherein apple will no doubt participate in a first-rate way. Autonomous cars and iot will even rely heavily upon 5g. Anyone has a stake here, so it’s going to happen when the monetary gods determine it’s prepared.

“16. Twitter bigwig bills compromised.”

Hacking is now a way of life. 2021 has shown us simply how susceptible our systems are. The notable reality right here is that we all recognise this. However we’re unwilling to make the vital investments to save you hacking, ransomware, phishing, and many others. While we are able to by no means do away with all this mischief we will truely lessen the range and severity of incidents. All we need is the desire. The cash will comply with.

“15. Area is the location.”

Genuinely. The race for interplanetary discovery and lots greater is nicely underway. But the race that merits unique attention is satellite tv for pc broadband, a race that’s additionally properly underway. This is the generation that may deliver broadband get right of entry to to all and sundry – and assist reduce the digital divide.

“14. The virtual divide widens.”

The biden infrastructure thought acknowledges the significance of growing and retaining a virtual infrastructure. It’s approximately time. At the same time as we could argue for days approximately the role that enterprise versus authorities must play inside the development and protection of virtual infrastructure, with out leadership now not solely driven by income virtual infrastructure can be uneven and unequally deployed. That is a generation equity problem, however it’s additionally proper enterprise: the more individuals who have get entry to to virtual, the better for commercial enterprise. Enterprise is waiting for someone to provide it, except they’re pressured to get greater clients online to growth their sales streams.

“13. The climate exchange reckoning.”

Sure, weather trade is occurring – in spite of bizarre remarks about weather trade being “unsettled technological know-how.” new technology represents a win/win. It is able to make a variety of agencies a ton of cash and it can assist the human race continue to exist. What’s not to like? Positive, there are higher technology improvement and deployment prices in the starting as there always is. However era is ready marketplace proportion and taking pictures as a lot as viable as quickly as possible even it’s no longer as profitable on day one than it is going to be on day three hundred. Shopping for lighthouse clients has constantly been a legitimate client acquisition strategy.

“12. Amazon’s dominance.”

The pandemic made it reliable. Amazon guidelines – and could hold to rule, unless there’s a few government action to lessen the quantity and attain of oligarchic organizations like amazon.

“11. Gaming’s huge year.”

No kidding. Earlier than, at some stage in and properly after the pandemic. As show and interaction technology improves (mainly ar and vr), so too with the adoption of gaming packages.

“10. Tech and the black lives be counted movement.”

The usage of non-public video gadgets of a wide variety has modified reporting for some time. Cellular telephone-based video has exploded and is now used to document all varieties of occasions, situations, places – you call it – forever. So, yes, video performs a pivotal position inside the blm as it did inside the george floyd murder. Will this fashion retain? Obviously. Video will remodel all factors of our personal and professional lives.

“10. A huge authorities hack.”

It’ll preserve occurring as the united states maintains its deer-in-the-headlights approach to cybersecurity. I have in no way seen such an apparent risk evoke such a tepid response. It’s far inexplicable. Cybersecurity technology represents a business possibility, although if you were comparing the likelihood of hockey stick revenue streams you is probably disappointed. There are two aspects of this virtual coin. However that stated, there must be the popularity that cyberwarfare is now war whether it’s performed at the infrastructure or army battlefields. How long will it take the navy business complicated to peer the chance of cyberwarfare and the fast- and lengthy-time period profit in cybersecurity? Unfortunately, this will depend on what lobbyists determine they want.

“9. Quibi flames out.”

Bizarre commercial enterprise model from day one. What we’re they questioning? It’s incredible how persuasive pictures, reputations and cash may be while pitching new commercial enterprise models, and how probable we’re to thumbs up those fashions while the proper people pitch the incorrect ideas. Changed into quibi a victim of this persistent phenomenon? It certain became.

“7. The streaming wars escalated huge time.”

A perfect case of the proper business version on the proper time (not quibi) — and it’s a long way from over.

“6. Trump and tech.”

The very perception that a unmarried individual may want to outline or effect technology is itself bizarre. The category – “trump and tech” – must make all of us marvel approximately how we see virtual generation, politics and america. Sure, social media was his domestic and it took the main structures too long to reply, however it’s all over now. The relaxation of it (like tiktok) has disappeared from the time table. The larger difficulty of course is mis- and disinformation (see #2 underneath).

“5. Fb and twitter in the end got proactive.”

A number of the predominant activities of 2020 (and 2021) were judgments made through the technology structures approximately what every body could say on their sites. It’s bizarre that the putting and policing of requirements is described with the aid of tech companies, no longer by means of the government. Need to car protection be described and policed by using car producers? How about the pharmaceutical enterprise? Must the fda get replaced through a gaggle of for-income agencies who’ll determine what’s secure?

“4. Zoom’s rise.”

Plenty of groups benefitted from the pandemic. Zoom wasn’t the best one. The trick is to perceive those that benefit from snowstorms however mainly sea changes like pandemics, warfare, climate failures and different important country wide and worldwide occasions. The open query is just how persistent zoom (and different video offerings) will remain after the pandemic has typically passed. The same is authentic approximately physical office space and masses of other pandemic conduct and traits as soon as matters have settled down. As usually there are downsides: screen “dependancy,” fatigue, protection, and so forth. But those constitute largely solvable issues so long as someone comes to a decision to solve them.

“3. Huge government versus huge tech.”

This one’s been around for a long term. The political pendulum swings with presidential elections so nowadays there’s a few speak – extra than there’s been for a while – approximately breaking apart massive tech. But it’s not going to show up. There is probably gentle slaps at the wrist, but prospects for an ma bell-kind split are narrow to none. The brand new shape of the united states financial system has formalized “massive” as “right” for the economic system, the country and the employees who earn their dwelling at the tech, media, search, social media, e-commerce, cloud and transportation companies that rule the united states economic system. Asked differently, will the usa follow the european union in its technique to monopolistic behavior? No. If there’s any real hope most of the anti-monopolists it will come from the states and the agencies struggling the most beneath consolidate rule. This is a conventional bottom-up technique, if there ever was one.

“2. Incorrect information became anywhere.”

Are things just too far gone? Has digital already killed us? Valid debates persist approximately the position that virtual should play in our lives. Need to it be controlled and policed or must it be unfastened and open? Let’s study the music file up to now. Without significant law we’ve got qanon, individuals satisfied that invoice gates is injecting them with tracker chips, and that – a new one – italy by some means remotely and electronically manipulated vote counts in the 2020 us presidential election. Or that liberal democrats are strolling infant trafficking rings out of washington, dc pizza joints and ingesting the blood of babies – that they’re individuals of some satanic cabal who drink the blood of babies to ingest the drug adrenochrome to prolong their lives. Maybe cheng has it just proper: “it is exceptional that the social networks are getting extra proactive at combating misinformation, however they’re preventing a 5-alarm hearth with a water gun.” in all seriousness, this pre-/during/submit-pandemic trend is as scary as they come and suggests no signs of weak point. Rather, latest polls advocate that large numbers of american citizens accept as true with un-proven, unsubstantiated matters about their u . S ., their leaders and the world.

“1. Vaccines.”

The era – messenger rna (mrna) – quick evolved by using pfizer and moderna is literally existence-converting. The platform is the key. Now future vaccines can be developed fast and correctly. This era is easily one of the most considerable scientific technology of the 21st century. In the end, some properly information.

What does all of it mean?

The pandemic introduced out the high-quality and worst of generation. A number of them showed us some love and a number of them attempted to kill us. That is the factor. Era is right, horrific, ugly and sometimes downright evil. But it may additionally save lives and light dark paths to the destiny. The trick is recognise that is which because from time to time they cover their authentic intentions. As continually, we want to recognize if it all nets tremendous or negative. You need to determine that for yourself. Me? I’m leaning toward …

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