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what a levels do you need to be a lawyer

What A-level subjects are required or required for a career in law?
In general, there are none! While law is an A-level topic, you might be shocked to learn that you don’t have to take it to go on to a legal degree later — this is usually possible with any A-level.
However, some colleges may require you to take one or two specified subjects as part of your A-level curriculum. See the section below for examples of law school entrance requirements, or search for a course right now to see what individual universities demand.
If you’re not 100% sure it’s the degree path you want to pursue (or if you change your mind by the time you apply to university), the fact that A-level law isn’t a must-have according to university entry requirements is good news, because it means you can keep your A-level choices open rather than restricting them to meet any law course entry requirements.
You can still do A-level law to acquire a feel for the topic before committing to three years of study at university level – but don’t think you’ve missed out on applying to law school because you didn’t study it at A-level. Find out what universities have to say about A-level law.
Certain A-level options, such as A-level law and A-level English, can help you prepare for law at the university level (which is why some universities ask for this as a required or preferred subject). These may provide you with an advantage over other applicants in this competitive field. To gain a rough notion of what institutions are looking for, we recommend browsing for and comparing law courses.
What A-level topics, on the other hand, are useful for law?
⦁ Critical thinking may help you pass the Law National Admissions Test (Lnat), but it’s best to take the subject as an extra AS-level to keep your choices open.
⦁ History and English, for example, are essay-based topics that will prepare you well for law school.
⦁ Many law students study at least one ‘facilitating’ topic, such as a foreign language, math, physics, English, history, or geography, which are considered good selections for students who want to keep their degree options open.
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