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what reason do electric shavers cause ingrown hairs

what reason do electric shavers cause ingrown hairs

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It shouldn’t be astonishing to hear that numerous men are influenced by ingrown hairs. Some don’t have the foggiest idea what they are or even notification they have them, and many have abandoned attempting to forestall them by any means. They’ve recently become the standard – yet they don’t should be.

An ingrown hair is a hair that is twisted and becoming sideways under the skin. They regularly cause disturbance, unattractive raised knocks that look sore and can some of the time be agonizing or bothersome.

Skin type and ingrown hair

Skin type can play a major factor with regards to ingrown hairs, yet the delicate skin will consistently be the most acquainted with hair knocks and skin disturbances from shaving. Most men will discover they experience ingrown hairs all over, neck and crotch region. Dark and Hispanic men will likewise discover they’re the most powerless to ingrown hairs because of their hair being coarser and here and there curlier as well.

Step by step instructions to forestall ingrown hairs and hair knocks


Peeling is key with regards to forestalling ingrown hairs. Dead skin cells spread the main layer of skin and hair that is inclined to twist will trap itself underneath. At the point when you’ve shaved, skin is inclined to developing over hair follicles and if the hair is too fine to even think about breaking through, that is the point at which it’ll proceeding to develop underneath the skin and cause an ingrown hair.

That is when shedding makes its mark – regardless of whether it’s utilizing an item that is explicitly made to manage peeling or utilizing a dry cleaning wipe, glove or loofah – all effectively scour the skin when used to evacuate dead skin cells. On the off chance that you consistently peel in the shower or shower, you’ll set up your skin for hair development and it’ll leave it looking more clear and cleaned as well.

Try not to utilize a dry shed (like that of a loofah, brush or dry wipe) like a towel – that will just prompt bothering. You won’t have to do it more than once per week (on the face) or once to two times every week on the remainder of the body. Apply in delicate round movements to buff skin and abstain from cleaning.

Sharp edges

Probably the greatest offender of causing ingrown hairs is your electric shaver or cartridge extremely sharp steels not being sufficiently sharp. We’ve all been there and utilized a cutting edge somewhat longer than we ought to have. A normal cartridge razors’ cutting edges last close to a week and on normal you ought to be changing the foil or turning sharp edges on an electric shaver at regular intervals.

Wet shaving

In the event that you lean toward wet shaving, at that point a major factor in forestalling ingrown hairs is utilizing a shaving brush. While they may seem like a pointless addon – they’re in reality awesome at their particular employment and numerous hair stylists despite everything use brushes for relentless shaves. A brush develops a foam for insurance however it additionally prods the hair to stand up and not lay level to the skin. That prevents the hair from discovering its way underneath the skin and causing hair knocks.

Sadly, ingrown hairs can’t be relieved and will consistently be inclined to returning. Putting forth a valiant effort to oversee them and work on approaches to forestall them is a certain fire approach to keep them under control. Keeping your skin sound with peeling, perfect and all around saturated, will consistently help in the avoidance of skin bothering and keep it looking clear.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

In spite of the fact that anybody can get ingrown hairs, they’re generally regular among individuals with coarse or wavy hair. They frequently happen when a hair follicle gets stopped up with dead skin cells. We shed around 600,000 particles of skin each hour. On the off chance that those particles – otherwise called the “dead layer” or the stratum corneum – aren’t evacuated, they trap hairs under the epidermis, causing ingrowns.

(This is what an ingrown hair looks like by means of SheFinds in the event that you don’t know.)

Different types of hair expulsion are additionally answerable for causing ingrown hairs. Shaving is one such guilty party, henceforth the explanation they’re regularly alluded to as razor knocks. Insight: we have something to help with that.


Sponsors regularly disclose to us that the more edges, the better. That initially begun when plastic assembling was presented. Organizations acknowledged they could deliver all the more low-quality items for less that must be supplanted all the more regularly. In light of that pattern, two billion plastic razors end up in landfills today.

So as to give you the smooth shave razor organizations guarantee, multi-sharp edge razors are structured with a “lift and cut” framework. One cutting edge lifts the hair, the following trims the hair underneath the skin line as you shave. The issue happens when your hair begins becoming back. It can get caught underneath the skin, making dead skin cells discover their way into the hair follicle. The outcome is an ingrown hair that is difficult and aggravated.

Forceful razors with various edges were intended for coarse facial hair so they’d accomplish a smoother shave with less passes. As it were, they’re better intended for men’s appearances, not ladies’ bodies.

Dull sharp edges can cause a similar issue. At the point when you shave with dull edges, they leave the finish of the hair rugged instead of a well put together, bringing about disturbance as the hair becomes back.


Waxing pulls hairs legitimately from the root. Every hair follicle is associated with a little cylinder, which is liable for directing the hair to the surface when it becomes back. Waxing pulls the hair so rapidly that the follicle and cylinder become harmed. At the point when the cylinder’s covering is harmed, it can’t manage the hair. The hair gets captured under the skin, causing ingrown.


A comparative event happens while epilating. An epilator is like an electric shaver. It has a turning head of tweezers that traps hairs and pulls them from the root as it is stumbled into the skin. This makes a similar harming impact as waxing.

Tight garments

At long last, tight attire can cause ingrown hairs, particularly tight clothing. Skin is it’s most advantageous when it’s permitted to relax. The versatile in tight clothing presses into the skin, catching hair as it develops back and offering an approach to vexatious ingrown hairs. Take a stab at wearing free kid shorts or delicate 100% cotton clothing.

Step by step instructions to Treat Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs will ordinarily leave all alone on the off chance that you disregard them. In any case, in the event that they don’t or in the event that you have a spectacular seashore day in front of you, here are four stages to accelerate the procedure.

Stage one: Stop all hair evacuation endeavors. Try not to attempt to cull, pull, shave, wax, or trim hair in the territory where ingrown hairs are. Try not to attempt to crush it out either. You’ll just make your skin angrier and perhaps present contamination.

Stage two: Apply a warm pack and delicately shed. Utilizing a delicate washcloth absorbed warm – not hot – water, tenderly press into the disturbed region for 10-15 minutes to mellow skin. At that point utilize moderate, roundabout movements to tenderly shed for just 10-15 seconds. Skip shedding on the off chance that it damages or makes your skin progressively aggravated.

Stage three: Remove the ingrown hair. This progression possibly applies in the event that you can see the circled hair developing into your skin. Try not to go burrowing for fortune or you’ll cause dull spots or scarring. On the off chance that you can’t see the tip, jump to stage four. On the off chance that you can see the hair, utilize a spotless, sharp instrument like guided tweezers toward evacuating it. Free it from the skin first. On the off chance that it comes out effectively, tenderly haul the whole hair out. Ensure your tweezers are sufficiently able to get the entire hair so you don’t need to rehash the procedure everywhere. On the off chance that it doesn’t come out effectively, leave it be. It’ll be prepared soon. After the hair turns out to be free, the redness and expansion ought to die down rapidly.

Stage four: Apply a shedding and hostility to bacterial oil. Since you’ve managed the hair itself, utilize a topical peeling oil to quiet and calm the skin while assisting with forestalling more aggravation.

Different herbs that can help with irritation incorporate primrose oil, fenugreek, and turmeric, as per this Livestrong article. We by and by simply love the smell of lavender. This Healthline article asserts that tea tree oil and salves with oats quite bothered skin too.

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