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Twin Flame Missing Each Other: Signs and Fixes

Twin Flame Missing Each Other: Signs and Fixes

During the twin flame journey we often see periods of separation and obstacles, but do the two twin flames miss each other during these periods? What happens when the twins are separated and how can you use your connection to make things easier?

Twin flames always feel like they are missing each other, but that can manifest itself in many different ways and if twin flame runners are less spiritually advanced, they will not understand your feelings.

Let’s delve into this intense feeling of the twin flames connection and see how it can really help them come together.

Hidden Signs of Twin Flame Missing Each Other

There are always signs of connection when twin flames part. The greater the physical distance and separation, the more clearly these signs will manifest as you try to bring them together again.

I say this constantly, but only because it is important. Remember that each twin flame journey is unique, so you should use these signs as guidelines, not hard and fast rules. Don’t put expectations or restrictions on your trip, these are just some of the most common symptoms I see. It is not a complete list of options.

  • Spontaneous changes in mood and energy levels. Usually for the better because your higher self reaches out to support each other.
  • A sense of heartbreak is probably obvious, but it goes beyond wanting to be there. There’s a reason we talk about things like twin flame neglect disease. It can be tiring and energy consuming. This feeling can come in waves or peaks and manifest itself in different ways.
  • An increase in communication at higher levels (like twin flame dream messages, for example). If physical contact is not an option, your higher self will reach out.Noticing strange coincidences, such as number patterns or references to things you have shared with your twin sister.

As with many of these spiritual connections, the more spiritually advanced twin will be the one who notices these signs, but both will experience them. However, the way we interpret these signs can vary a lot, so do they miss you too?

Your Twin Flame Misses You Too

I’ve talked about this in more detail before when they kept asking me, does my twin flame miss me? It’s easy to answer: yes, they always miss you … but this doesn’t always automatically mean that they are going to do something about it.

In the (many) stories I hear and on my own personal journey, it is very common to have long periods of separation without contact or any type of 3D communication.

If both twins are connected and miss each other, how could they not get closer or react as you might expect?

I rarely speak with complete certainty when it comes to our higher-level connections, but if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that the feeling of intense loss and missing your mirror soul is always there.

They miss you.

As they go on their journey, there may be periods of separation where they let you know they miss you, but if they can’t express it, chances are they:

  • They are aware that something is wrong or out of place, but they cannot understand what. They will frame this feeling in a way that makes sense to them, such as telling themselves that they are just tired or have a problem. Sometimes they will equate feelings of connection with you with their connection with a third party or karmic partner.
  • If they are really beginning their spiritual development, they may not be energy conscious at all, but (in my experience) this is less common if you are connection conscious, they are probably not that far behind.

How Can This Help Your Journey to Union?

The pain and discomfort of a separation phase have a purpose. If it went completely unnoticed, we wouldn’t feel the need to do anything about it, but the fact that we miss them so deeply is often what prompts us to focus where it needs to be.

Time alone does not advance the twin flame journey. Sitting back and waiting for a 999 angel number twin flame runner to “just get it” will only lead to heartbreak and failure to achieve unity in this life.

This intense feeling of missing each other is exactly what it takes to grab their attention and continue your journey for the better. Don’t focus on pain and discomfort, let it be a wake-up call to put your focus and energy where it matters.

If you feel stuck or don’t know what to do, tell me about your 1010 angel number journey so far and I will do my best to help you.

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